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Center for Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Diving
Commanding Officer
Captain Robert Porter, III

Commanding Officer
Center for EOD and Diving
Executive Director
Mr. George Delano

Executive Director
Center for EOD and Diving
Command Master Chief
CMDCM (SW/DSW) Stephen J. Mulholland

Command Master Chief
Center for EOD and Diving


To create the optimal learning environment for the world's premier Diving and Explosive Ordnance Disposal forces, founded on a continuum of personal and professional growth, utilizing operationally relevant curriculum, and leveraging cutting edge training methods and technologies.


The Center for Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Diving executes Secretary of the Navy Responsibilities as the Department of Defense single manager for individual training in EOD and Diving. We provide agile and adaptive training to all services, select countries and government entities; delivering knowledge to satisfy validated training requirements and improve Navy and Joint force operational readiness. Additionally, CENEODDIVE develops and manages the personal, professional, and leadership development programs for all Navy EOD and Diver, Officer and Enlisted personnel.

FY15/16 Strategic Goals

1. Improve resource delivery/effectiveness. Ensure our training sites are resourced to enable successful delivery of high-risk training curricula at the right time, and the right place to educate future Joint warriors.

  1. Leverage the NETC Course Development/Course Revision (End to End) process, Formal Course Reviews, and Course Feedback Reports to expedite curriculum development, and alignment with Navy and Joint Service validated requirements.
  2. Identify and remove duplicative and outdated training in order to gain efficiencies – with the goal of reducing total time and cost to train.
  3. Pursue initiatives that provide students the ability to access supplemental learning materials 24/7 – educational materials that demonstrate proper actions, reinforce techniques, and aid them in preparing for practical tests – while simultaneously analyzing retention and tracking individual student progress. These same learning materials are to be accessible to Fleet/Field personnel as reference/refresher training.

2. Advance "Supply Chain" management. Maintain keen attention toward recruitment, accession, initial training, and basic qualifications across our ND and EOD career fields.

  1. Leverage the experience and expertise from the Manpower, Training, and Operational domains to identify key performance and character traits of prospective EOD and Diving candidates in order to decrease the non-graduation rate while maintaining current physical and academic training standards.
  2. Continuously engage all stakeholders to ensure each organization within the Supply Chain maintains concise understanding of how their individual actions impact the function of the overall supply chain to enable efficient business operations for all stakeholders.

3. Enhance workforce alignment and performance. Everyone must share a common understanding of our vision, mission, and priorities. The effective utilization of our collective strengths toward achieving meaningful progress and results will ensure mission success.

  1. Seek a diverse workforce, and improve the capability of this workforce by enabling employees to pursue education, training, and experience that develops them personally and professionally.
  2. Capitalize on the synergy of the Joint Service culture that exists across the CENEODDIVE domain – leveraging Joint competency and capability, maximizing the use of multi-service training teams, and reducing resources required through standardization of courses.

Center for Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Diving
350 South Crag Road
Panama City, FL 32407-7016

Comm - 850
DSN - 436

Command/Directorate Contact Numbers
N00 - Commanding Officer 235-5274
N01 - Executive Director 235-5254
N02 - Command Master Chief 235-5793
N1 - Admin 234-4463
N3 - EOD Career Management230-7264
N5 - Functional Integration Manager 230-7202
N6 - Knowledge Management 230-7245
N7 - Training 230-7267
N8 - Resource Management 235-5762
N9 - Technical Support 230-7292