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USS Buttercup
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Click here for the "Buttercup" video for an overview of the OTC Damage Control Wet Trainer experience

Purpose:  The Damage Control Wet Trainer, better known as the Buttercup"BUTTERCUP" is located in building 403. It was renovated in 1993 to meet the demands of the fleet and to keep up with modern day training. It is 48 feet long, 24 feet wide, with a deck height of 8 feet and weighs approximately 38 tons. The pool that the trainer rests in is 5 feet deep on the starboard side and 8 feet on the port side which causes the trainer to take a sharp list during training. The pool holds approximately 37,000 gallons of fresh water. The trainer consists of eight compartments including a fan room, Damage Control Central, Damage Control Repair Station, storerooms and a berthing compartment. The storeroom and berthing are subject to controlled flooding. The trainer provides training in basic damage control to students in various officer accession programs as well as to personnel from fleet and reserve units.

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Scope:  Three hours classroom training. Two hours hands-on training in shoring, plugging, patching, and dewatering.

Points of Contact:
Wet Trainer Supervisor:    (401) 841-1006
Master Course Schedule:   (401) 841-4349 / (401) 841-6218

Operational Information.
Normal hours of operation are from 0700 – 1500 Monday through Friday. 

Authorized attire.  The working uniform of the day is required for the classroom phase of the training. Non-military students clothing must be conservative and tasteful. For wet trainer exercises, coveralls, working uniforms or appropriate military PT gear are authorized for students onboard the Wet Trainer. Non-military students must wear conservative and tasteful PT gear or bathing suits. T-shirts and shorts will be worn over all bathing suits. Personal Protective Equipment will be provided. Towels are not provided.


Prerequisites.  Medical Screening must be completed by parent command within 96 hours prior to participation in training.  A minimum of 15 students is required to conduct Damage Control training at the Wet Trainer. A maximum of 30 students can be supported to conduct Damage Control training.

To request any Technical Training, please send the following information to OTC_Scheduling@navy.mil

Specific trainer/s requested
Number of students
Preferred dates with alternate dates if possible
Point of contact with good contact information

Requests should be made no more than 3 months in advance.

  Last updated: July 13th, 2018  
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