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ODS Required Paperwork
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ODS Required Paperwork/Items to Bring

Below is the required paperwork needed for each student reporting to Officer Training Command Newport, (including prior service members).  You will receive all paperwork turned in to us back at the end of the course. For HPSP Students still in the HPSP program, please scroll to the bottom of the page to see your paperwork requirements.

Officer Development School Required Paperwork

(You should bring 1 original of each requirement to turn in plus 1 copy for your records)

ALL documentation should be originals or court-certified copies; NO notarized copies, or photo copies of original documentation will be accepted in lieu of originals. However, keep one photocopy of all documentation that is turned in for your personal records.  Photo identification and social security cards must be originals and unexpired.

  • Permanent Change of Station (PCS)(or Reserve) Orders and copies of all Order Modifications that have followed
  • Oath of Office.  This is MANDATORY!!!
  • Recruiter Contact Information  (Name/Phone/Fax and NRD Address)
  • Copies of prescriptions from civilian physicians if taking prescription medication. A minimum of 5 weeks' worth of medication should be hand carried with you.
  • All medical/dental records and immunization records from military and civilian providers.
  • All students are required to bring a voided check to ensure correct set-up of your direct deposit account for military pay.
  • Birth certificate.  (Original)
  • Original unexpired state or government issued photo identification.
  • Bring any/all paperwork filled out with recruiter.  If you don’t have these documents, you will be given an opportunity to complete the documents while at ODS.  Bring copies even if recruiter is sending record to ODS.

    • Direct Deposit
    • W4
    • Service members Group Life Insurance (SGLI)
    • State Legal Residence
    • DD-Form 93
    • Marriage License (if applicable).  (Original)
    • Spouse's original unexpired identification card (driver's license, approved state identification card or passport) if applicable. Please note if your spouse has a driver's license as the only form of picture identification, do not bring to ODS. You will need to wait until you have been strength gained into the Naval service to obtain a Common Access Card (CAC) and to enroll your dependents in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility System (DEERS). You will be afforded the opportunity at ODS to obtain your spouse's driver's license for enrollment into DEERS.
    • Birth Certificates and Social Security Cards for all dependents (all children/spouse if applicable).  (Original)
    • If born outside of US, bring naturalization certificate and/or US birth certificate for citizen born abroad
    • Child custody documents (if applicable). (Original)
    • Divorce documents (if applicable).  (Original)


Accession Bonus Information:

If you are receiving an accession bonus, we will need:

  • Service Agreement
  • Congratulations Letter

All documentation should be originals or the court-certified copy, no notarized copies or photo copies of an original copy will be accepted. 

Frequently asked questions concerning your pay/record and entitlements

For Prior Military Service Only

  • All documents listed above, as appropriate
  • Any/all documents depicting prior time served in the military (active or reserve), i.e., DD-214, DD-368, NGB-22, last enlisted contract, Reserve Points Summary sheet, etc.
  • Page Two (Record of Emergency Data). Bring a copy of your NSIPS-verified Page 2.  Without a page 2, we cannot pay you Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) Type 2.
  • Last PSD (S-1/IPAC for prior Marine Corps personnel, Military Personnel Office for Air Force personnel, and S-1/Human Resource Service Center for Army personnel)
  • Point of Contact info (POC Name/Phone/Fax/and Address)
  • Must bring hard copy of SGLI

For Current HPSP Students Only

(All HPSP students who have graduated, this section does not apply - refer to the Officer Development School Required Paperwork section of this page):

  • You will not need the above paperwork.  You only need to bring your Permanent Change of Station (PCS) or Reserve Orders and any Modifications.
  • Verify with the HPSP office that your Page 2, otherwise known as your "Record of Emergency Data" has been updated (if necessary) within the last 12 months for any changes.  If not, please update your Page 2 with the HPSP office.

**Please note, all HPSP students pay issues will be handled by the HPSP office in Bethesda, Maryland. If you have questions or need assistance, please email USN.OHSTUDENT@MAIL.MIL and your inquiry will be processed promptly by the HPSP staff.

***All HPSP student medical/dental records will be sent to ODS from the HPSP office.  However, recommend HPSP students bring a copy of their immunization records.


The following immunizations/labs will be administered/drawn at ODS:

TWINRIX (HEP A/HEP B Combination)

HEP A Series  

HEP B Series

HIV and Results (Within last year)

HEP B Titer

Tetanus (Tdap)

PPD (Tuberculosis)

IPV (Polio)

Influenza (Seasonal)

Varicella Titer


ABO/RH (Blood Type)

MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)

V Zoster IGG 


G6PD/Sickle Cell



**If you have immunization records, military or civilian that covers these items, you will need to bring them, or you will receive them again.  You will need these on Day One of training. Military Treatment Facility or civilian facility documentation can be used for immunizations only. Laboratory bloodwork must be completed by a Military Treatment Facility.

Other Items:

_ **Special Dietary and Religious needs must be expressed on the first day of training.  OTCN will do everything possible to accommodate all special and religious needs without compromising training.

_ Money: Meals will be paid for by each student prior to graduating from ODS.  Meals cost approximately $14.00/day or approximately $100 per week.  Only credit/debit cards or personal checks are accepted as payments for meals at the Navy Galley. Additionally, students should plan on uniform expenses to be approximately $2,000 - $3,000. Uniforms must be paid for before departing ODS. Other expenses are included on the FAQ page.

Required Items To Bring:

With the exception of traveling to and arriving at ODS, and traveling from ODS five weeks later, you will not wear civilian clothes.  All necessary Navy Uniform items are available to purchase upon arrival.   Below are the items needed to begin training and estimates for how much of each you will require.

The below list of items is only a SUGGESTION on the number of each to bring. Students will have the ability to purchase more items during their course of training if need be and have regular use of washer and dryer systems at no additional charge.

  • Personal Toiletries
    • Shaving gear (electric shavers are acceptable)
    • Feminine Hygiene Products
    • Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss
    • Deodorant
    • Soap/Shampoo
    • Make-up/Hair products
    • Nail Clippers
    • Shower Shoes (flip-flops any kind)
    • Mesh laundry bag
    • Basket or bag to hold toiletries
    • Clothing Hangers
    • Bath towels/wash cloths
  • Supportive underwear (not athletic supporters); white or skin tone for white uniforms; other colors optional with other uniforms
  • Bras,  (2 minimum) for women, white or skin tone for white uniforms; other colors optional with other uniforms
  • Sports bras (2 minimum) for women
  • Conservative black or navy blue one-piece swimsuit for women, any brand.  For swimming, men will wear Navy PT shorts which will be provided during uniform purchase evolution
  • Athletic socks, black or white, ankle or calve, without visible emblems (3 pair minimum)
  • Crew neck tee-shirts, white, 100% cotton (3 minimum) 
  • Combination lock required (Key locks are not authorized)
  • Water bottle, transparent, any color, 24 oz. minimum
  • Conservative workout clothes for first day prior to Navy Physical Training uniform purchase (if you already have Navy PT uniforms, you will not need civilian workout clothes)
  • Running Shoes:
    • Please invest in a quality pair of running shoes less than six months old.  You will be running approximately 1.5 to 2 miles per running day depending on where you are in training.   Running is conducted on a composite rubber track, so a good pair of shoes is important. (Running will be limited during winter months due to outdoor conditions.)
  • Prior Service:
    • Bring medals (Large), Ribbons, and Warfare Devices.  If your prior service was with any service other than the Navy, you will need to obtain your medals/ribbons/devices prior to your arrival.  The Uniform Shop in Newport does not carry a large assortment of other service items. Please review this list to determine the medals/awards from other services/organizations that are authorized to wear on Navy uniforms.
    • You will not wear civilian clothing while at ODS. The only time students will wear civilian clothing is when they arrive at ODS on their first day and depart ODS after graduation.

Authorized Items:
 _ Alarm Clock, Battery-Operated
 _ Cell Phones
 _ Wristwatch (conservative watch that does not distract from the uniform)
 _ Wallet and Check Book/Debit Card/Credit Card

Other Items:
 _ 3-4 black ink pens
 _ Envelopes
 _ Stamps
 _ Note Cards
 _ Lint Roller
 _ Scissors
 _ Notebook, small to medium sized (solid color)
 _ Shoe Shine Kit (Black Polish/Brush/Cloth)
 _ Small container of laundry detergent/dryer sheets

*The Navy Exchange is available on the base to purchase items if you wish not to pack them.  However, students will not be able to visit the Navy Exchange during the first few days of training.  As such, be sure to pack enough basic toiletries to last at least one week.

Again, these are just suggestions.  Previous students might have left some of these items behind, such as alarm clocks, laundry detergent, and clothing hangers, and are now available to future classes.

  Verified Current - January 9th, 2020  
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