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Physical FITNESS Standards

Naval officers are expected to be a model of physical fitness to their sailors and the American public. Candidates who successfully complete training at Officer Candidate School (OCS) within the 13-week course, arrive meeting above average physical standards. Candidates who arrive at minimum physical standards will struggle to complete the school in the allotted time, and are also subject to disenrollment.

During the first two days of training, candidates will undergo a Body Composition Analysis (BCA). If a candidate is found to exceed allowable limits, they are subject to removal from their class and / or disenrollment from the program.

During the first week of training, candidates will be required to pass an initial Navy Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) to determine suitability to initiate physical training. Candidates must be able to complete the initial PFA with a minimum passing score of Satisfactory Medium in all categories (curl-ups, push-ups, 1.5 mile run).

Proper form is essential to successfully completing curl-ups and push-ups. Your recruiter can provide further instruction on proper form.

Navy Body Composition Standards

Candidates who do not pass the initial height and weight check will be further assessed to determine if they meet the Navy's body composition standards. This determination is made in two different steps.

The first step is abdominal circumference. Candidates are expected to be within the following Navy standards:

  • Male Abdominal Circumference Standard: less than or equal to 39.0 inches
  • Female Abdominal Circumference Standard: less than or equal to 35.5 inches

Candidates who fail the abdominal circumference will then complete the second step, body fat composition. The abdominal circumference found in step one will be utilized to determine their body fat composition. Candidates are expected to be within the following Navy standards:

  • Male Standards by age:
    • 18-21: 22%
    • 22-29: 23%
    • 30-39: 24%
  • Female Standards by age:
    • 18-21: 33%
    • 22-29: 34%
    • 30-39: 35%

Candidates who are concerned about meeting body composition limits should schedule an assessment with their recruiter prior to arrival at OCS.

Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA)

The PFA consists of four evolutions: height and weight verification, curl-ups (2 mins), push-ups (2 mins), and a 1.5 mile run. Specific requirements for your sex and age group can be found here: OTC Physical Training Plan.pdf. The minimum passing standard in each category is Satisfactory Medium.

Candidates that fail any PFA administered at OCS, are subject to removal from their class and may be subject to disenrollment from the program.

It is imperative that you arrive in the best possible physical shape; ready and able to participate in a demanding physical fitness program.

Pre-Arrival Physical Training Program

Below is a link to the Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling (NOFF) virtual trainer. This virtual trainer will provide a series of Navy approved exercises that allow physical development and sustainment when gym facilities are not available.

After clicking the below link, select Group Training Series. These exercises should be performed for 30 - 60 minutes, 3 - 4 days a week.

***NOTE*** No physical activity should be initiated without first consulting your physician to determine physical suitability.

NOFFS Virtual Trainer

Candidates may also download and access the official Navy PFA mobile application by SeaWarrior Applications. This mobile application provides further links and information to successfully prepare for and complete the Navy PFA.

Physical Fitness Qualifications (requirements to graduate):

  • Successful completion of Navy PFA in accordance with specified standards
  • Third Class swim qualification

OCS Physical Fitness Program

During the first week of training, you will commence a regimen of daily physical training. Candidates must be able to perform aerobic activity, muscular strength exercises, and endurance exercises. Aerobic activity will include running approximately 3 miles, three times per week on a track or road surfaces, and two days of strength training through HIIT exercises. Successful candidates arrive at OCS already able to run 3 miles a day (15 miles a week) and able to complete 30 minutes of aerobic exercise in a session.

During Week-2, candidates will complete the Third Class swim qualification. This qualification includes the following:

  • Deep water jump
  • 50-yard swim (any stroke)
  • minute prone float (face in water)
  • Shirt and trouser inflation

Candidates who are unable to complete the Third Class Swim qualification will be sent to remedial swim training. If candidates are unable to pass the Third Class Swim qualification by Week-9, they will be removed from their class for further remediation in Remedial Holding Company.

Below is a link to the Technical Training group at Officer Training Command Newport who oversees the Third Class Swim Qualification:

3rd Class Qualification Site

  Last updated: November 19th, 2019  
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