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OCS Uniform Requirements
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  1. What is my mailing address?

Candidates at OCS are able to send and receive mail through the USPS. Below is the mailing address for all candidates while at OCS. Only the candidates name and class number will require updating.

  • OC (First M.I. Last)
  • Officer Candidate School
  • Class ##-##
  • 1356 Meyerkord Avenue
  • Newport, RI 02841-1641
  1. How do I apply to OCS, and what are the requirements?

All Officer Accession program applications, including OCS, are handled through Navy Recruiting Command. For information on specific programs and their requirements, please click the below link, contact your nearest Navy Recruiter, or send an email to ocsquestions@navy.mil. Ensure to reference Officer Accession Programs.


Enlisted personnel applying to OCS should reference OPNAVINST 1420.1 (series), Promotion, Special Selection, Selective Early Retirement, and Selective Early Removal Boards for Commissioned Officers of the Navy and Marine Corps. Officer Candidate School specific information is located in Chapter 7. Additional questions should be directed to your Command Career Counselor (CCC).

  1. When should I arrive and check-in to OCS?

Candidates for OCS should make arrangements to arrive and check-in no earlier than 0700 on Check-in Sunday. Fleet returnees with orders directing them to report no later than the Saturday before check-in Sunday should contact the command immediately for further guidance and tracking. Orders that allow check-in over both Saturday and will not be allowed to check-in earlier than Sunday.

Individuals who arrive early will not be provided housing by Officer Training Command Newport. All candidates who plan on arriving early should make lodging reservations either out in town or, at the Newport Navy Gateway Inn and Suites. Candidates will submit all receipts for travel and lodging to OTCN during check-in process.

  1. What kinds of hairstyles are authorized for men and women?

Men: Upon arrival at OCS you will be required to have your head shaved. During the third phase of training (Senior Officer Candidate Phase), men will be allowed to start growing their hair out. During the final phase of training, men are authorized to style their hair within Navy regulations. See the link below for guidelines.

Grooming Standards

Women: Upon arrival at OCS, you will be required to maintain a hairstyle in accordance with Officer Candidate Regulations (OCR). It is recommended that women arrive with hair as close to their natural color as possible to forgo compliance issues.

Please note, women with hair longer than a bob are only authorized to wear their hair in a bun until the final phase of training. At no time are women authorized to shave their heads in accordance with US Navy regulations. The link below provides information on authorized hair styles and grooming standards.

Grooming Standards

  1. How much time are we allotted to address personal hygiene each day?

Candidates are allotted 10 to 20 minutes for health and hygiene in the morning period. It is encouraged that future candidates practice getting ready (shave / shower / dress / hair) within this amount of time prior to their arrival at OCS.

  1. What does our diet consist of while at Officer Training Command?

You will be required to eat in the Ney Hall dining facility for every meal while at OCS with the exception of liberty weekends during the final phase of training. Meals are only offered three times a day, and food is not allowed in the barracks. The galley has an adequate selection, which includes a salad and fruit bar along with a variety of proteins and vegetables. A vegetarian option is provided at every meal.

  1. If I am prior military service from a different branch of the military, how do I find out what ribbons and medals I am authorized to wear?

The below links provide information on authorized awards and medals from other services for wear on Navy uniforms.

United States Navy Uniform Regulations

U.S. Navy Awards

  1. I have family that is interested in attending the graduation ceremony, what should they know to coordinate travel?

OCS Graduation Ceremonies are typically held in Kay Hall at 1030 on Fridays. The Graduation ceremony usually lasts 90 minutes. Please note: students will not be secured from training until noon on Friday. Therefore, flights leaving out of Providence should not depart until after 1500 on Friday. Flights out of Boston should not depart until 1700 on Friday.

Students are expected to attend a reception planned by students for families and friends which usually lasts about 2 hours the Thursday evening prior to graduation. The venue for this event varies by graduating class.

Family travel arrangements for those who plan to attend the graduation reception and graduation should be made well in advance. The following website provides information on the Newport Area and can help in locating services.

Go Newport

All non-military visitors will be required to be vetted by base security before arriving for the reception or graduation festivities. Students who wish to invite family members that do not have Military ID and are not normally allowed on military bases will need to provide the following information for each guest during week eight of training:

  • Full legal name (First, M.I., Last)
  • Birthdate
  • Social Security Number

Foreign Nationals will also need to provide the following information:

  • Place of birth (city, country)
  • Home address
  • Passport number
  • Alien registration number
  • Social Security number (if applicable)

If visitors are not on the approved access list, they will be turned away at the gate.

  1. How can my family contact me in-case of an emergency?

In case of family emergency, the candidate’s family should go through their nearest American Red Cross for assistance in contacting the command.

For non-emergent issues (not relating to medical condition of immediate family member or other extraneous hardship), the candidate’s family may inform the candidate through the following individuals:

  1. What cannot be included in care packages for my candidate?

Candidates are authorized to receive mail as soon as they arrive at OCS. Packages may include anything except those items listed as contraband. Contraband is defined as any item that is prejudicial to the good order and discipline, health, welfare, or safety of any candidate at OCS.

  • Weapons and blades, to include letter openers.
  • Chemicals, cleaning or other.
  • Food and Beverages to include chewing gum.
  • Alcohol.
  • Tobacco, to include e-cigarettes.
  • Medicine, to include gummy vitamins, mineral/herbal supplements, energy drinks.
  • Electronic Equipment not previously listed as allowed.
  • Gambling equipment to include playing cards.
  • Any light requiring more than two "AA" batteries.
  • Sealable Containers.
  • Cameras.
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