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  1. What food options are available at OTCN?
    • You will be required to eat in the Ney Hall dining facility for every meal during normal working hours. The galley has a wide variety of food, including a salad and fruit bar, and a variety of proteins and vegetables. The galley also provides vegetarian options.
  2. Should I bring civilian clothes?
    • Yes. You will have the opportunity later in training to wear civilian clothes.
  3. What kind of expenses will I incur while at NSI?
    • Some items include:
      • Graduation Reception. $15.00-$20.00 per person (If family attends, you will need to pay for each)
      • Class T-Shirts/Sweatshirts. Each company usually designs and orders a shirt. These range from $15-$25 apiece.
      • Class Dinner. The class usually goes out the last week for a casual event. This ranges from $15-$20 apiece.
      • Uniform accessories. Throughout training you will probably need items to maintain your uniform.
      • Miscellaneous Supplies
      • Any other expense will be on the individual. There is a Navy Exchange on the base, along with other MWR services.
  4. What kinds of hairstyles are authorized for females? Will I have time to groom my hair on a daily basis?
  5. What specific personal items should I bring to NSI?
  6. Can I bring my cell phone?
    • Yes.  You will not be able to use it during the work day, but you will have access to it after working hours.
  7. Can I bring my laptop computer?
    • Yes.  Please be advised we do not have wireless internet capability. There are computers available for you to use in our computer labs.
  8. Do I need to buy my uniform items prior to NSI, or will we purchase them there?
    • You do not need to purchase any uniforms prior to reporting to NSI. The second day is uniform issue, and everything will be available for purchase on that day.
  9. Can I bring over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol, motrin?
    • Yes, but they must be in the original bottles.
  10. How do I get paperwork notarized?
    • Your local county courthouse should be able to notarize items for a nominal fee. Also, most law firms/attorneys provide notary service for a fee as well. Check your local yellow pages for this service.
  11. I am already being paid at my current rank, do I still need to bring all the documentation?
    • Bring all recommended paperwork items per this webpage.
  12. Who do I contact if I have a problem arriving at base?
    • Contact the Class Officer via the contact link or call the Command Duty Officer at (401) 862‑4321.
  13. Can females wear make-up during training?
    • Yes, your class team will determine when this will start.
  14. What uniform do I report in?
    • NSI Students shall report in business casual attire, (slacks/skirt, shirt with collar/blouse) when arriving. Students will be in formal Navy PTU for the Monday first class meeting.
  15. Where will I live while attending NSI?
    • All OTC students will be staying in King Hall barracks for the duration of training. Rooms house two students with beds, bedding, trash cans, study tables, and a wall locker with drawers. Communal heads and laundry facilities are available for all students. Students will be expected to clean their rooms and the common passageway, laundry room, and other common areas. Also, you can expect to participate in weekly cleaning assignments and scheduled room inspections.
    • Rooms have very limited storage space. Pillows, bedding, and linens are provided. Bring washcloths, towels, toiletries, and a padlock for your wall locker (a combination closet and chest-of-drawers), where your personal possessions can be stored
  16. What will be my mailing address for NSI?
    • (YOUR NAME)
      STA-21 NSI (CLASS #)
      1356 Meyerkord Avenue
      Newport, RI 02841-1641
  17. What are my duties and obligations to the Navy?
    • Active duty military must have a minimum of 36 months obligated service upon transfer to STA-21 Schoolhouse.  Upon successful completion of NSI, students will be transferred to an NROTC-affiliated college or university. Students will attend classes, join the NROTC unit as an officer candidate, and participate in drills; while working on completing their degree requirements within a maximum of 36 months:
    • You will remain on active duty and receive enlisted pay and benefits while attending an NROTC-affiliated college or university.
    • You will be responsible for tuition, fees, books, and other expenses incurred while participating in college studies, however, an annual $10,000 education voucher will be provided to help supplement these expenses.  You will not be eligible for tuition assistance under the Navy's Tuition Assistance Program. Students who do not receive educational vouchers may use their Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) and/or Navy College Fund educational benefits.
    • You may apply for Federal student aid at www.fafsa.ed.gov
    • Your active duty obligation after college will vary depending on the specific officer program you choose to enter.
      • If you are not successful in completing NSI School, you must complete the remainder of your enlisted obligated service.
      • For further NSI STA-21 info, please see NSTCINT 1533.2
  18. When I obligate service for STA-21 can I receive an SRB?
    • Under NO circumstances should you receive an SRB while obligating for STA-21.  Reference OPNAVINST 1160.6 for additional information.  Students who do receive an SRB or SEB will be required to repay DFAS the entire amount.
  19. My question is not listed above?
    • Refer to the contact us page for assistance. You are encouraged to contact the ROTC unit at your respective university prior to arrival at NSI.  Each unit is unique and can answer questions specific to ROTC, college academics and STA-21.
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  Last updated: July 13th, 2018  
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