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Click here for the "Firefighting" video for an overview of the OTC Firefighting Trainer experience

The 19F3A Firefighting Trainer is a three story building Firefighting which houses a simulated ship's engine, boiler , supply rooms, CIC, laundry, electrical, berthing and galley compartments. The trainer generates representative shipboard Class Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie fires for students to combat under realistic shipboard conditions.  It also includes a 15x15 foot fire pit area utilized to teach fire hose handling techniques and to build confidence in students exposed to the intense heat of a large fire.  Included in the same compound with the 19F3A Trainer building are classrooms, administrative facilities, and a maintenance building.


The trainer simulates 15 different types of shipboard fires by burning propane gas and dispersing non-toxic simulated smoke.  Emissions from the firefighting trainer meet all EPA, state, and local requirements.  The various firefighting training scenarios and  individual fire parameters are controlled at each of the Instructor/Operator Stations and equipped with a video console and keyboard which allows the operator to manually or automatically control the fires in each compartment to prevent unsafe conditions.

FirefightingApproximately 8,000 students per year are trained in live firefighting techniques at OTC. In addition to the OTC and Surface Warfare Officer School training requirements, Naval Readiness Command One, the U.S. Naval Academy, Coast Guard, and foreign navies receive firefighting training at this facility.  The 19F3A Trainer is a versatile, all weather trainer with the ability to meet all firefighting  training requirements based on a 10hr/day, 5day/week, 50 week/year schedule. The life of a ship may some day depend on the firefighting training received at our facility. The training that naval personnel receive here is in turn passed on to their crews aboard ship.  The enormous potential for saving lives and ships demands that realistic live firefighting training be utilized.  Damage control training is the most basic and yet by far the most important training the crew of a ship can receive.

Fire Fighting Trainer Supervisor: (401) 841-7404
Master Course Schedule:            (401) 841-4349 / (401) 841-6218

To request any Technical Training, please send the following information to OTC_Scheduling@navy.mil

Specific trainer/s requested
Number of students
Preferred dates with alternate dates if possible
Point of contact with good contact information

Requests should be made no more than 3 months in advance.

  Last updated: July 13th, 2018  
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