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  1. I would like more information about DCOIC. Is there any other source for reliable information?
  1. What does our diet consist of while at Officer Training Command?
    • You will be required to eat in the Ney Hall dining facility for every meal while you are here.  You will only be eating three times a day.  Food is not allowed in the barracks.  The galley has an adequate selection of food, which includes a salad and fruit bar, along with a variety of proteins and vegetables.  They also provide vegetarian options.
  1. Should I bring civilian clothes?
    • Yes.  You will have the opportunity to wear civilian clothes during your weekend liberty.
  1. What kind of expenses will I incur while at DCO?

    You will incur meal expenses, which are approximately $100 a week. Some other items will be:

    • Obtaining all initial uniforms will cost approximately $2,000 - $3,000.
    • Company T-Shirts/Sweatshirts. Each company usually designs and orders a shirt. These range from $15-$25 each.
    • Company Dinner. The company usually plans a group reception during the last week of training. This ranges from $20-$50 per person.
    • Uniform accessories. Throughout training you will probably need items to maintain your uniform. Prices can vary depending on the item(s) needed.
    • Any other expense will be on the individual. There is a Navy Exchange on the base, along with other MWR services.
  2. What kinds of hairstyles are authorized for women?  Will I have time to groom my hair on a daily basis?
  1. Can I bring an MP3 player?
    • Yes.
  1. Can I bring my cell phone?
    • Yes. You will not be able to use it during the work day, but you will have access to it after working hours.
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  1. Can I bring my laptop computer?
    • Yes. Please be advised, wireless access is available for a nominal fee. Also, there are computers available for you to use at the command. Your personal equipment must be kept locked up in your room locker at all times.
  1. Do I need to buy my uniform items prior to DCO, or will we purchase them there?
    • o Students should expect to arrive with the Navy Working Uniform (NWU) ready to wear during the first few days of training. The Physical Training (PT) uniform, khaki service uniform, service dress blues, and bathing suit can be purchased from the Uniform Shop on the first training day. However, because your time here is limited and the Uniform Shop may not be able to turn around tailoring requests in a short period of time, please bring the uniforms that you already have or can purchase before your arrival. Some alteration and dry cleaning services will be available during your stay.
  1. Can I bring over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol, Motrin?
    • Yes, but they must be in the original bottles.
    • You CANNOT give/trade/sell over-the-counter medications to fellow students.
    • King Hall medical department does have a limited supply of some commonly used over-the-counter medications that are available for issue.
  1. Who do I contact if I have a problem arriving at base?
  1. Can females wear make-up during training?
    • Yes, your class team will determine when this will start.
  1. What uniform do I report in?
    • DCO students may arrive wearing appropriate civilian attire (no open toed shoes).
  1. Where will I live while attending DCO?
    • All DCOIC students will be staying in King Hall. Rooms house two students with beds, bedding, trash cans, study tables, and a wall locker with drawers. Communal heads and laundry facilities are available for all students. Students will be expected to keep their rooms, common passageways, laundry room, and other common areas clean. Also, you can expect to participate in weekly cleaning assignments and room inspections.
    • Rooms have very limited storage space. Pillows, bedding, and linens are provided. Bring towels, toiletries, and a padlock for your wall locker (a combination closet and chest-of-drawers), where your personal possessions can be stored.
  1. What will be my mailing address for DCO?

    DCO (CLASS #)
    1356 Meyerkord Avenue
    Newport, RI 02841-1641

  1. My question is not listed above?
    • Refer to the contact us page for assistance.
  1. Can I obtain my Khaki Officer photo while at OTCN?
    • Yes, Per MPM 1070-180, you may obtain your Officer Photograph while at OTCN. Times and dates will be posted upon your arrival. Speak with your Class Officer about times that are available upon your arrival.
  1. Can I report on Saturday?
    • Yes, there will be available berthing on Saturday in King Hall.
  1. What time should I schedule my flight on Friday after administrative out-processing?
    • Out-processing is usually completed by 1200 so flights should be scheduled after 1400 to ensure enough travel time to get to the airport.
  1. I am a new mother and am providing breast milk for my child; will I have an opportunity to continue pumping while I am in training at DCOIC?
    • Yes.  Officer Training Command has opened a lactation room for staff and students to use while they are in training.  The room is located in King Hall, the building where DCOIC students live, and provides a quiet, secure room with sink and refrigeration facilities and comfortable seating.  Students who use this room maintain the key to the room at all times so that they can remain undisturbed.  Students must bring their own pumping supplies, are responsible for removing any stored milk, and keeping the room clean.


Food and alcoholic beverages are not authorized in student quarters. You will be required to eat at the mess hall located in Ney Hall. Your daily cost for meals will be $14.00. You must be in the prescribed uniform of the day during normal working hours and during on-base liberty.

King Hall:

  • All students are required to live in King Hall and share a room with another student of the same sex.
  • No tobacco use is permitted in training country (OTC Grounds).
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