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NSTC Ombudsman Nikky Palanca


Nikky Palanca
NSTC Ombudsman

Email address: nstc.ombudsman@gmail.com

Mrs. Nikky Palanca has been married to Chief Navy Counselor Raymond Palanca since 2001. Originally from San Diego, as a military family they’ve been stationed in Virginia Beach, Jacksonville, San Diego, Whidbey Island, and Great Lakes. As a military spouse for over 17 years, Nikky understands the obstacles and challenges military families can face. She enjoys helping others and hopes to be a friendly link to the many services and programs available for military families.

Most command leaders agree: an effective ombudsman can be a priceless asset. Ombudsmen play a key role in linking commands and families to ensure accurate, timely communication.

The Great Lakes Naval Station Fleet Family Support Center (FFSC) provides training, consultation, and support to command-appointed ombudsmen.

The Role of the Command Ombudsman

The Navy Family Ombudsman is vital to the welfare of the command's families, and in this unique role, as an officially appointed volunteer, the duties are wide-ranging. The Ombudsman has been trained to know when to provide information, when to be a referral source and how to be receptive to family members when they call.

Ombudsmen serve as the primary communications link between the families and the command, and the channel of official information from the command to the families.

They disseminate timely and critical information, regularly, through newsletters, care-line/info-lines, telephone trees, and e-mail.

The command ombudsman supplies information about and referrals to military and civilian support organizations like, Fleet and Family Support Centers, American Red Cross, Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society, Chaplains, medical facilities, and legal assistance offices. These organizations are valuable resources in obtaining assistance for command family members.

They provide support to family members seeking professional assistance and refer them for counseling. Ombudsmen, in their official role, are not counselors or social workers.

Ombudsmen act as an advocate for the command families, using knowledge of the system, can help access the appropriate level of the chain of command for intervention and forward suitable requests or grievances while exercising confidentiality.

And they support command-sponsored groups and activities and advertise support group activities, as permitted by the command.


1. What is the Ombudsman Program?
  • It is a command-operated program intended to improve communication between the command and a Sailor's family members. Most importantly, it keeps members informed about command policy and the command aware of family concerns. A major function of the Ombudsman is providing information and referral services to the families.
  • 2. How do I become an Ombudsman?
  • You can apply for this position when the command advertises for volunteers or request to be placed on a standby list of volunteers for future consideration when a position(s) becomes available. Volunteers are screened, selected and appointed by the Commanding Officer. A board, which can include the Command Master Chief, Executive Officer, current Ombudsman, and/ or other command members, as directed, may assist the CO.
  • 3. What training is provided to the Ombudsman?
  • Ombudsman, with command support, receive Ombudsman Basic Training (OBT). OBT is a detailed course that provides required knowledge and skill development necessary to perform effectively as the Command Ombudsman. An Ombudsman continues their education via additional local training.
  • 4. Is financial support available to Ombudsman?
  • The command, budget permitting, may provide supplies, equipment, and reimbursement for such expenses as childcare and mileage.
  • 5. Will being an Ombudsman help further my spouse's Navy career?
  • One of the best tools is the Navy Family Ombudsman Program Manual. The command is required to provide one to the Ombudsman. If they do not have one in stock, they can contact their supporting Fleet and Family Support Center to obtain one.

  • For more information on the Ombudsman program visit:

    For more information about NSTC, visit http://public.navy.mil/netc/NSTC/ or visit the NSTC Facebook pages at:

    Last updated: November 20th, 2018

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