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Command Evaluation, Management Control and Audit Liaison/Follow-up Programs

CE Program. Under CNO and Navy Audit guidelines, the NETC CE Program gives NAVEDTRACOM commanders a means to receive unfiltered reports on areas susceptible to integrity or accountability breakdowns. Each year NETC designates two areas or programs for subordinate commands to review. N00GR performs similar reviews and audit projects within the NETC staff. Other tasks performed by N00GR in support of the CE Program include 1) developing review/audit guides for use by NAVEDTRACOM and others, 2) rendering technical audit assistance and guidance as needed, 3) providing CE and Audit training via the annual NETC IG Symposium and one-on-one instruction, and 4) conducting and coordinating audits and reviews.

MC Program. According to the policy discussed in the Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act (FMFIA) and per the guidance of SECNAV/CNO, N00GR manages the annual Statement of Assurance (SOA) efforts for the NAVEDTRACOM. CNETINST 5200.6C and annual notices provide the procedures that allow NETC to state with a reasonable assurance that the NAVEDTRACOM has made a good faith effort to comply with FMFIA. The annual SOA is the product of active participation of the NETC Staff and top managers at all NAVEDTRACOM activities. Each commanding officer attests to compliance based upon internal certifications by his top managers. This approach ensures responsible managers are involved in the program as required by public law. Both the Navy Inspector General and Naval Audit Service have complimented the NETC MC Program as one of the best in the Navy.

Audit Liaison and Follow-up. As the initial entry point of contact into the NAVEDTRACOM, N00GR is heavily involved in liaison work with the General Accounting Office (GAO), DOD Inspector General (DODIG), and the Naval Audit Service (NAVAUDSVC). The effort entails (1) working closely with external auditors to ensure established visit protocol is followed, (2) processing audit announcement letters, (3) verifying auditor security information, and (4) working various auditor requests. The key element of audit liaison is to ensure auditors connect with the most appropriate NETC manager or subordinate command who can best address the relevant issues. N00GR maintains case files on all audits involving NAVEDTRACOM.

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