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Naval Education and Training Command
About the NETC Inspector General

The mission of the NETC Inspector General (N00G) is to provide sound, impartial advice to the Commander, Naval Education and Training Command, and to provide positive assistance to organizations and individuals so that NAVEDTRACOM can maintain the highest levels of readiness, effectiveness, discipline, efficiency, integrity, and public confidence.

Additionally, we will highlight practices which deserve emulation and publicize pitfalls when we find them. We strive to help all NAVEDTRACOM activities and commands increase readiness while improving their business operations to ensure responsible stewardship of resources.

We are committed to fleet readiness and believe readiness can be achieved only through the fair and effective use of people, training, equipment, supplies, time, and money. We will promote the highest standards of ethical leadership and respect for Sailors, Marines, their families, and DoN civilians. We will strive to eliminate fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement throughout NAVEDTRACOM.

For the Claimancy

The NETC IG performs a variety of functions with the goal of making NAVEDTRACOM a more responsive and responsible organization that effectively and efficiently carries out its mission and takes care of its people:

Command Evaluation, Audit, and Audit Liaison: Provides Commanders and Commanding Officers unbiased and unfiltered feedback from independent command evaluators or auditors concerning command operations. Serves as the initial contact point for external auditors desiring entry into the NAVEDTRACOM.

Management Control: Provides Commanders and Commanding Officers a process to receive feedback by individual managers as to the adequacy of the controls used to safeguard the various command work processes. This effort provides managers a systematic approach to periodically self-evaluate their work processes to determine if they are meeting desired expectations and if controls are in place to provide adequate protective safeguards. Public law governs the annual requirements associated with this program.

Assessments: Assists Commanders and Commanding Officers to improve the performance, readiness, efficiency, effectiveness and quality of life of the commands, units, and activities for which they are responsible. Area visits provide mission-relevant evaluations and recommendations that are timely, accurate, candid, and objective.

Investigations and special inquiries: Inspects, investigates or inquires into reported matters of fraud, waste, abuse and related improprieties within NAVEDTRACOM. Assists Navy members and their families by directing them to the appropriate complaint process.

Strategic Goals

The NETC Strategic Goals set the course for continued transformation and improvement in alignment with the Revolution in Training, Chief of Naval Operations, and Department of Defense initiatives. The IG is focused on the internal processes that enable NETC and its subordinate commands to accomplish the mission and achieve our strategic goals in the most efficient and effective manner while maintaining the highest possible quality of life for our personnel.

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