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Fort Dix


 Fort Dix

Fort Dix is named for Major General Adams Dix, a veteran of the War of 1812 and the Civil War. Fort Dix is part of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JB MDL) and is co-located with McGuire AFB and Lakehurst NAS in Burlington County, New Jersey.

ECRC, Detachment Fort Dix Navy LNO Contact Information
Phone: (609) 562-3393/ 6823
Fax: (609) 562-6822


Transportation to Fort Dix

  • Fly into Philadelphia International Airport
  • Contact Rapid Rover shuttle at ground transportation desk in baggage claim areas.
  • Shuttle ride to Fort Dix is one hour. Cost for 1-3 persons is $66 or $22 per person. Pay with cash or credit card.
  • Contact Fort Dix Navy LNO at (609) 694-4262 upon arrival for any updated instructions.
  • On base shuttle bus runs every 20 minutes.  Personnel walk to DFAC which is near berthing.



  • ENSURE your ID card is CAC activated (your pin) and your PKI Certificates are updated. This cannot be stressed enough, it will affect JASS, BOL, NPC, and many official websites you will need to access.
    Ensure you have and remember your MyPay pin number!

  • BRING PT GEAR AND RUNNING SHOES. You are required to bring the Navy’s new Physical Training Uniform (PTU) gear and running shoes with you IAW NAVADMIN 191/08

  • PT socks should cover the ankle.

  • Bring all prescription medications with you.

  • Bring no more than one set of civilian clothes.( for traveling purposes)

  • All of your necessary military gear and equipment will be issued. Do not buy extra equipment that you may not need or be authorized to have.

  • Although the mailing address is supplied in this Welcome Brief, do not begin to ‘mail things’ to yourself… the Post Office has limited space and can only retain mail on hand for so long before they have to ‘return to sender’.

  • For any non-issued items you would like to send home, mail service will be available at your cost.

  • You may bring laptops, MP3 players, gaming systems, and electronics of this nature at your own risk. These items ARE NOT allowed on ranges or during any training evolutions. Camera use IS NOT permitted on ranges or during any training evolutions.
  • Cell phone use IS NOT permitted at any time during daily training hours.
  • LNO Staff can make available a cell phone in case of an emergency.

  • Members training at Fort Dix fall under the rules of 1st Army.

  • Under 1st Army rules, members are prohibited from the following:
    • Wearing civilian attire
    • Other than your uniform, only NAVY ISSUED PT gear is authorized
    • Sexual relations
    • Drinking of alcohol
    • Leaving base or having visitors


  • MAINTAIN OPSEC!! (Operational Security) when communicating with friends and family back home.
  • Navy Marine Corps Intranet is available during working hours and limited use after hours.
  • Club Dix Internet Café - Can be used by all personnel—no charges Hours: 0700 to 1400 Mon & Tue, 0700 to 2200 Wed-Sat 1000-2200 Sunday
  • Learning Center, Bldg 5403, Delaware Ave. Hours: 0800 to 1630, opens at 1200 on Tue, Wed and Thu
  • You may bring your personal laptop
  • All barracks have wireless internet (requires WAP compatible wireless card)


  • Berthing is in Army barracks with common heads, laundry rooms and TV lounge.
  • All rooms include beds, Pillows, linens, blankets, lockers, and air conditioning.
  • Wireless internet (WAP compatible) provided. BRING: towels, shower shoes and a lock for your locker. They will NOT be provided.
  • BRING: Towels, shower shoes and a lock for your locker.  They will NOT be provided.
  • Six Dining Facilities (DFAC’s) on base
  • Hours of operation:
    Breakfast 0630-0800 Lunch 1130-1330 Dinner 1630-1830

Laundry Facilities

  • There are four laundry rooms per barracks. There is no cost for use.
  • Dry cleaning is available at Exchange/PX and Tri-services.

ECRC IA Navy Liaison Office: (609) 562-6825

ECRC IA Navy Liaison Fax: (609) 562-6822 

Fort Dix General Information: (609) 562-1011

Fort Dix Website: 

Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center (ECRC) is your Immediate Superior in Command (ISIC) and maintains administrative supervision during your Indivdual Augmentee Training.