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PEO EIS Mission:

Provide Capable and Cost-Wise Enterprise Network, Business and Fleet Support Information Technology to the Department of the Navy. 

PEO EIS Vision:

Lead the Department of the Navy as the Accepted and Sought out Premier Enterprise Solutions Provider for Secure, Affordable, Integration of Enterprise Network, Business and Fleet IT Systems. 

Established in the spring of 2006, the Department of Navy's PEO EIS oversees a portfolio of enterprise-wide information technology programs designed to enable common business processes and provide standard information technology capabilities to Sailors at sea, Marines in the field and their support systems. The PEO ensures that these programs maximize value to warfighters by balancing cost with the capability delivered to the end-user.

Key Functions:  

Providing acquisition excellence and technical guidance and support for the programs that deliver mission support systems to warfighters.

  • Identifying and implementing leap-ahead technologies across the naval enterprise.
  • Developing partnerships with key stakeholders that provide solutions to the naval enterprise.

Leadership Imperatives:

  • Our ability to deliver effective results to our Sailors and Marines is a direct function of:
    • Achieving Program Execution Precision
    • Operating as a Product-Focused Integrated Team
      • Enabling Enterprise Cooperation Across All Seams and Lines
    • Promoting a Culture of Success


  • (PMW 205) Naval Enterprise Network (NEN) - Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI); Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN); BLII/ONE-NET - Manages the acquisition lifecycle of enterprise-wide networks while providing secure, seamless and global computer connectivity for the Department of the Navy
  • (PMW 220) Navy Enterprise Business Solutions (Navy EBS) - Provides an integrated set of management tools that facilitate business process reengineering and interoperable data
  • (PMW 230) Global Combat Support Systems-Marine Corps (GCSS-MC) - Modernizes the Marine Corps' logistics systems
  • (PMW 240) Sea Warrior Program - Fields integrated and improved IT solutions across the enterprise that will enable the Navy's active duty enlisted and Reserve force to direct their own professional development
  • (PMW 250) Enterprise Systems and Services (E2S) - Develops and implements reliable, efficient and secure business information technology (IT) solutions
  • (PMW 260) Navy Sensitive Compartmented Information and Controlled Access Program Networks Ashore (SCI/CAP) - Manages the acquisition lifecycle of the Navy's shore-based Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications Systems (JWICS) IT domain
  • (PMW 270) Navy Commercial Cloud Services (NCCS) - Develops and executes the Navy's overarching cloud brokerage structure
  • (PMW 280) Special Access Programs (SAP) - Plans and manages integration of capabilities for Department of the Navy (DON) SAP enterprise IT networks
  • (PMM 290) Enterprise IT Strategic Sourcing (EITSS) - Implements and manages IT agreements for the DON, DoD and the Federal Government through consolidating, centralizing and streamining IT acquisition
  • (PMS 444) Navy Maritime Maintenance Enterprise Solution (NMMES) Technical Refresh (TR) Program Management Office (NMMES-TR) - was established in 2016 to acquire, deliver and deploy modern Information Technology (IT) systems to replace the current maritime shore maintenance solution which has reached end-of-life.


Public Affairs Office: 703-604-4380

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