Fleet Support
NAVWAR is one of four key commands that secure the information domain and provide information warfare capability as a warfighting domain on par with land, air, sea and space. As an acquisition command, NAVWAR builds, installs and sustains modern information warfare and cybersecurity capabilities for the fleet.


For most recent hardware and software configurations, as well as additional product support documentation, access SAILOR 3.0 at:


Navy 311

NAVWAR also manages the Navy 311 service that is available around the clock and gives a single point of entry for non-tactical, non-emergency assistance. The objective for Navy 311 is to simplify and streamline support for the fleet. Support options include maintenance, ship parts and / or repair, IT systems, logistics, personnel or career matters, training, facilities, medical support, chaplain care, ordnance and other topics.

Phone: 1-855-NAVY311 / 1-855-628-9311

DSN: 510-NAVY311 / 510-628-9311

Email: Navy311@navy.mil (unclassified) / Navy311@navy.smil.mil (classified)

Web: www.Navy311.navy.mil (unclassified) / www.Navy311.navy.smil.mil (classified)

Text: type Navy311@navy.mil into the TO line of the text message

Chat: via Navy311 website (available via unclassified website only)

Fax: 877-632-4304


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