FLTSAT Satellite

      An outgrowth of the Lincoln Experimental Satellite series and TACSAT-1 , FLTSAT was developed by the Navy to be the first complete operational system in space to serve the tactical user.

      Two FLTSATs remain on orbit

     FSC-7 (23.5 years) and FSC-8 (20.8 years)

      Original five-year design life but the satellite bus on both are healthy and have sufficient fuel reserves

      30 25kHz channels, 5 5kHz channels

     Provides critical augmentation to the UFO system

      Both FLTSATs are equipped with a FLTSAT Extremely High Frequency Package

     Served as an in-orbit resource for conducting thorough and realistic test and evaluation of the MILSTAR EHF communications system. FEP was turned off in 2007



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