Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps (GCSS-MC)

Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps (GCSS-MC)


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Marines in combat require a rapid and flexible logistics capability responsive to the 21st century battlefield. GCSS-MC is the answer to this critical operational imperative. Providing a deployable, single point of entry for all logistics requirements, GCSS-MC introduces cutting edge enabling technology in support of logistics operations while facilitating the modernization of aged logistics processes and pro­cedures. Critical performance objectives include reduced logistics response and customer wait time while decreasing dependence on forward-positioned stocks.

GCSS-MC rides on the existing Marine Corps Tactical Data network and substantially improves the Combat Effectiveness of the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF). GCSS-MC Increment 1 is being implemented in two major releases: Release1.1 (core logistics business functionality) is the initial system implementation providing enhanced supply and maintenance capability. Release 1.2 provides functionality for Marines working in deployed austere environments.


Col Devin O. Licklider, Program Manager, GCSS-MC

Chris Melkonian, Deputy Program Manager, GCSS-MC

Features ...

  • Enterprise-wide visibility of accountability and responsibility for Marine Corps equipment.
  • Automated service requests and requisitions replacing legacy time consuming paper submissions (ERO/EROSL).
  • Automated preventative maintenance scheduling, extending equipment service life and improved readiness.
  • Near-real-time reporting and view, replacing daily / weekly reporting cycles.
Command and Control Support ...
  • Results in increased effectiveness of the force through enhanced friendly situational awareness and combat support system planning and decision-making.
  • Open system design provides interoperability with MAGTF and joint and coalition Command and Control (C2) systems.
  • Procures and provices a cross-domain solution required for the passing of data from the NIPR to the SIPR network, and will connect with the tactical data network and communications systems.

Prime Integrator ...

Oracle’s E-Business Suite and tools were acquired in August 2004 using a competitive source selection process managed by the Marine Corps Systems Command. During January 2006, the program elected to leverage its strategic partnership with Oracle to complete the GCSS-MC Increment 1 solution.


  • Marine Corps Systems Command GCSS-MC website
  • GCSS-MC Jump Site​, a Common Access Card (CAC) enabled website that features all GCSS-MC training resources, system frequently asked questions, announcements from the GCSS-MC Operation Center on scheduled outages, help desk information, references, and funtional updates.
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