Enterprise Software Licensing (ESL)

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The Department of the Navy Enterprise Software Licensing (DON ESL), PMM 172, leads a joint Navy and Marine Corps strategic sourcing effort to consolidate, centralize and streamline the acquisition and management of the Department of the Navy’s (DON) enterprise software licensing (ESL) agreements.  By leveraging the combined buying power of the Navy and Marine Corps for enterprise-designated software vendors and products, ESL enables and supports Defense Department Chief Information Office IT consolidation and efficiency efforts. ESL improves the DON’s IT/cyberspace investment decision practices as well as enterprise-level evaluation, funding, management and tracking of current and future requirements for all enterprise-designated software vendors and products.


LtCol Matthew Clinger, Team Lead, ESL


The Navy Enterprise Software Licensing (ESL) Program ...
  • Improves DON buying power and negotiating power for maximum discount and cost avoidance.
  • Enables faster turnaround times for customers due to standardized and simplified purchasing.
  • Establishes common terms and conditions and product lists across the DON.
  • Facilitates efforts to standardize products across the DON.
  • Increases interoperability and commonality.
  • Allows better management of assets.
  • Provides pricing leverage for follow-on agreements.
  • Enables follow-on process efficiencies for ordering and managing software licenses.
  • Enables DON customers to purchase the software their programs need in a pre-negotiated environment
    with pre-established low prices.
  • Improves information assurance posture and supports future network alignment.
  • Positions DON for future DoD Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) consolidations.
  • Ensures compliance with DoD & DON IT mandates.
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