PEO Digital Small Business

PEO Digital Small Business Center provides the tools and guidance small businesses need to maximize contracting opportunities.

PEO Digital Deputy Program Managers serve as Small Business (SB) Advocates equipped to:

  • Identify opportunities within their programs for SB participation
  • Serve as a technical Point of Contact for SB interested in pursuing these opportunities
  • Manage SB Innovative Research (SBIR) and SB Technology Transfer (STTR) within their cognizance


Meet Your Small Business Advocates:

Naval Enterprise Networks (NEN)
CAPT Steven Werner, DPM, PMW 205

PMW 205 manages the Department of
the Navy's (DON)enterprise wide Information
Technology (IT) networks, CONUS and
OCONUS. NEN manages t​he NGEN contract to provide IT services.


Special Networks and Intelligence
Mission Applications (SNIMA)

Mr. Tracy Shay​, DPM, PMW 260​

​​PMW 260 manages the acquisition lifecycle of the Navy's shore-based Joint World-Wide Intelligence Communication Systems (JWCS)
information technology domain, including
modernization, operations and security and
evolves and sustains mission-focused intelligence software and software applications.

Navy Commercial Cloud
Services (NCCS)

Ms. Taryn Gillison, Acting DPM, PMW 270

NCCS develops and executes the Navy's
overarching cloud brokerage structure.
NCCS supports the accelerated atoption
of commercial cloud technologies and
services while protecting Navy information
in the commercial cloud.

Pemberton.png Special Access Program
Networks (SAP)
Mr. Patrick Truver, Program Manager,
PMW 280​

SAP is responsible for planning and managing 

integration of capabilities for the DON SAP enterprise IT networks. ​

Enterprise IT Strategic Sourcing (EITSS)

Mr. Chris Pratt, Project Manager, PMW 290

EITSS implements and manages information
technology agreements for the DON, Department
of Defense and the Federal Government through research and negotiation, ultimately consolidating, centralizing and streamlining IT acquisition. 



Doing Business with PEO Digital

Helpful Documents



SPAWAR Small Business Resources

NAVWAR Small Business Program is a dynamic advocacy that provides training, advice and guidance to ensure quality solutions for Navy and Marine Corps acquisitions and maximizes contracting opportunities to small businesses.

NAVWAR Acquisition Forecast - NAVWAR has posted an updated three-year acquisition forecast to its public web portal entitled "NAVWAR 3 Year Acquisition Forecast" . This forecast includes opportunities for NAVWAR Headquarters, NAVWARSystem Centers Atlantic and Pacific.


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