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PEO C4I delivers affordable, integrated and interoperable Information Warfare capability to the fleet and its partners. A front office and 10 focused program offices (PMWs) comprise the organization.

PMW 120: The Battlespace Awareness and Information Operations Program Office delivers intelligence, meteorological, oceanographic and information operations data, products and services that provide Information Dominance for sailors.
PMW 130: The Information Assurance and Cyber Security Program Office provides cyber security products and services to ensure protection of Navy and joint information and telecommunications systems from hostile exploitation and attack through cryptographic, network and host-based security products that provide for strong authentication, data integrity, confidentiality, non-repudiation and availability of network resources and information.
PMW 150: The Command and Control Program Office provides operational and tactical command and control capabilities by integrating real-time and near real-time representations of tactical situations while including targeting support, chemical-biological warnings and logistics support for the Navy, Marine Corps, joint and coalition warfighters.
PMW 160: The Tactical Networks Program Office provides operationally effective and cost-efficient networks for Navy tactical forces. It delivers integrated wide area, local networking and foundation computing systems to support a robust network of well-informed, geographically dispersed Navy, joint service and coalition forces.
PMW 170: The Communications and GPS Navigation Program Office provides and supports interoperable, cost-effective communications, and Position, Navigation and Timing services, assured and resilient communications, and GPS navigation to enable information dominance for maritime forces.
PMW 740: The International C4I Integration Program Office delivers and integrates tailored, C4I releasable systems to foreign partners through Foreign Military Sales, Foreign Military Financing and other DoD-funded international programs to enhance interoperability between the United States and its international partners.
PMW 750: The Carrier and Air Integration Program Office delivers integrated and interoperable C4I capabilities and support to our Navy's aircraft carriers, amphibious ships, command ships and aircraft by leading advanced planning for fleet modernization and C4I efforts on new-construction ships.
PMW 760: The Ship Integration Program Office designs, integrates, tests and delivers interoperable C4I end-to-end capabilities to our Navy and Coast Guard group and unit-level surface ships during new construction and modernization.
PMW 770: The Undersea Communications and Integration Program Office delivers integrated and interoperable C4I capabilities and support to the Navy by connecting the undersea architecture of manned and unmanned systems and undersea vehicles to maximize joint warfighting capability.
PMW 790: The Shore and Expeditionary Integration Program Office delivers integrated and interoperable C4I capabilities and support to the Navy's shore and expeditionary forces through modernization, acquisition and system integration.
For more information about each program office, visit Products and Programs.
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