P H O N E  N U M B E R S
NIWC Pacific general information
(619) 553-2717
Public Affairs
(619) 553-2729
Media Inquiries and Corporate Communications
(619) 553-4718
Command Duty Officer (Desk)
(619) 208-3036
Assistant Command Duty Officer (Cell)
(619) 559-1226
SPAWAR Pearl City, Hawaii Detachment
(808) 474-6043 / DSN (315) 474-6043
E M A I L S 
General Questions about SPAWAR
Question for Small Business Office
Freedom of Information Act
T O P S I D E    M A P   A D D R E S S     
Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific​
NIWC Pacific
53560 Hull Street
San Diego, California 92152

M A I L I N G  A D D R E S S
Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific
NIWC Pacific
(Office mail code goes here​)
53560 Hull Street
San Diego, California 92152-5001
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