Integrated Platforms
5 - Integrated Platforms

Platform integration provides the end-user with a combined system that performs the mission in its intended environment. Our teams analyze platform constraints, integrate multiple systems and perform necessary engineering activities to install and verify capabilities. We support platform integration for maritime, air and shore command centers and mobile vehicles.

Maritime platform C4I integration efforts support surface ships, unmanned submersed vehicles, watercrafts and submarines. These efforts include integrating systems aboard ships and submarines, modernizing systems aboard existing vessels and performing large scale integrations and installations that increase capability.

Air platform integration integrates C4I systems into aircraft for C2 or ISR. Although we do not build aircraft, we work closely with the programs that install C4I systems into aircraft.

Shore integration efforts support domestic and theater based command and operations centers that combine multiple systems.

Our solutions provide operational pictures and data fusion capabilities in ergonomic environments. Mobile efforts seamlessly integrate secure communications, intelligence, information displays, electronic warfare and OTM networking into tactical and non-tactical ground vehicles. We apply our technical expertise to design, integrate and modernize the mobile platform’s C4I systems and architectures. Enterprise integration efforts span maritime, shore or air domains to support a mission or function such as architecture development and end-to-end testing for large scale systems.

Primary products and services areas:

  • Maritime - Surface
  • Maritime - Submarine
  • Ashore - Vehicle
  • Ashore - Fixed
  • Air
  • Enterprise
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