1 - Communications

Our communications solutions include a full range of wired networks, wireless networks and telephony products and services for mobile, fixed and enterprise level systems. We provide the physical infrastructure and supporting network services that allow connectivity and communication between users.

Wired network solutions enable local and wide-area information transport among distributed devices as well as access to a common computing environment and core enterprise services. Our network services manage networks, systems and information services including controlling the network topology, dynamically segmenting the network into multiple domains and monitoring the network load.

Our wireless network solutions include radio frequency connectivity for local area and wide-area network access, line-of-sight, beyond line-of-sight and satellite communications capabilities. These communication solutions cover the full range of the radio frequency electromagnetic spectrum from high frequency to extremely high frequency systems and include radio terminals and antennas that can be designed and developed for unique operational environments.

Our telephony solutions provide network voice communications for mobile, fixed and enterprise level systems and include telephone switching, private branch exchange and voicemail systems that interconnect with the Defense Switched Network. We are continually enhancing our telephony solutions to support Voice over Internet Protocol and Voice and Video over Secure Internet Protocol connections.

Primary products and services areas:

  • Networks and Wireless Networks
  • Telephony
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