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Deployment Health Assessments
The DoD Deployment Health Assessments are used to obtain information for assessing the state of the Sailor's health before and after deployments outside the United States, as part of a contingency, combat, or other operation and to assist health care providers in identifying and providing present and future medical care to the individual. The information provided may result in a referral for additional health care that may include medical, dental, or behavioral health care. The information is also shared with the Veteran Administration (VA) and is sent to the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Branch (AFHSB) for inclusion in the Defense Medical Surveillance System.

Pre-Deployment Health Assessment (Pre-DHA DD2795) Complete a Pre-DHA
The Pre-DHA (DD2795) is completed as one part of the pre-deployment health activities. Current and past health histories are taken to ensure that the Sailor is deployable.

Post-Deployment Health Assessment (PDHA DD2796) Complete a PDHA
The PDHA (DD2796) is used to review each deployer's current health, mental health or psychosocial issues commonly associated with deployments, special medications taken during the deployment, possible deployment-related occupational/environmental exposures, and to discuss deployment-related health concerns. If necessary, referrals for follow on care are made.

The post deployment process includes taking a blood sample that will be sent to the DOD Serum Repository.

Post-Deployment Health Re-Assessment (PDRHA DD2900) Complete a PDHRA
The PDHRA (DD 2900), completed 90-180 days after returning from deployment, is a second opportunity designed to identify and address health concerns, with specific emphasis on mental health, that have emerged over time since deployment. The individual's general health, deployment health history, current health, and any health concerns are discussed and any necessary referrals are made. 

Medical Readiness Reporting System (MRRS)
Individuals are responsible for maintaining their personal readiness and can check their DHA status by checking their individual medical readiness on BUPERS Online under the Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) Status.

DHA Completion Process
You may be completing a DHA at a Military Treatment Facility, Navy Mobilization Processing Site (NMPS) or parent command using organic medical support. Regardless of where you complete it, it is a 2-step process to complete any of the DHAs.

1) The Sailor will submit the DHAs electronically using the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center (NMCPHC) eDHA application located at

If you have not previously registered you may do so by using the Register New Deployer Account link. If you are already registered, your Login ID is your SSN or use the CAC Login link.

2) Once the DHA has been submitted, schedule a face-to-face appointment with a medical provider for certification of the assessment. The appointment should no later than 2-4 weeks of submitting the assessment. Once certified and complete, a paper copy will be placed in your medical record.

Note: All Reservists and Active Duty Sailors in remote locations (Independent Duty, Recruiter, etc.) without access to an MTF, must complete the PDHRA (DD2900) through the DOD sponsored PDHRA Call Center at 1-888-PDHRA-99 (1-888-734-7299). The PDHRA (DD2900) must be submitted in eDHA prior to calling the call center.

***Should your PDHRA become overdue your medical status in MRRS will become indeterminate and you will be unable to complete your PARFQ and participate in the PRT. Once the PDHRA has been completed and is no longer overdue it will take a minimum of 1 week for PRIMS to be updated by MRRS.

Sailors Supported by Other Services
The Navy's eDHA program is the primary tool for Sailors to complete the DHAs. However, when Sailors are medically supported by other services, the medical providers may not have access to eDHA and may only use their own services' DHA program. In these special cases, the following information is provided.

  • Air Force: USAF medical providers can certify DHAs submitted through the ASIMS web application
  • Army: USA medical providers can certify the PDHRA submitted through the MEDPROSE application accessed through Army Knowledge Online (AKO)
  • Coast Guard: USCG medical providers use the Navy's eDHA application.

For more information on Deployment Health and a list of Deployment Health Centers go to the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center.

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