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As a healthcare provider you play a critical role in the Deployment Health Assessment Process.

DHA Process

Sailors access and submit Deployment Health Assessment (DHA) forms electronically via the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center (NMCPHC) eDHA application. Sailors and providers can access the eDHA application online. DHA's must be reviewed via a face-to-face interview and then certified by a health care provider (physician, physician assistant (PA), nurse practitioner (NP) or independent duty corpsman (IDC)). Certification by the healthcare provider completes the DHA and allows the information to be transferred to the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center (AFHSC) and Medical Readiness Reporting System (MRRS).

A signed paper copy of the completed DHA form shall be placed in the medical record for validation and continuity of care. An electronic copy can also be cut and pasted into AHLTA.

MRRS Specific Information

The Medical Readiness Reporting System (MRRS) provides a common operating picture of Sailors who require the DHA and follow on Mental Health Assessments (MHA) once they have been identified.

  • The Deploy tab in MRRS is used to identify Sailors as deployed and requiring DHAs and to record their completion. Once a deployment has been completed the Deployment Status section will display the due dates and completion status of the DHAs and MHA.  See the Training page for detailed information.
  • Providers should not certify a PDHRA if it has not been at least 90 days since the Sailor returned. An exception is made to complete the PDHRA early if the Sailor is separating from the service.
  • If an assessment was not completed and the Sailor is now in the next DHA window (i.e. the PDHA (DD Form 2796) was not completed and the Sailor has been back for more than 90 days and due for the PDHRA) there is not a requirement to complete the prior assessment.
  • The DHA should be certified regardless of any required referrals or their resolution.
  • Providers should check for PDHRA completion from the most recent deployment during the annual PHA and while conducting a separation physical.
  • An overdue PDHRA will cause the Sailor's IMR to be indeterminate and a new PHA will not be valid until the PDHRA has been completed.
  • Manual updating MRRS of the DHA completion is not required because the completion is automatically sent from eDHA to MRRS and is highly discouraged as it results in duplicative entries.

eDHA Specific Information:

Instructions for access to eDHA is obtained on the eDHA website.   Deployment Mental Health Assessment (DMHA) (DD Form 2978) is conducted concurrently and incorporated into the Pre-DHA (DD Form 2795) and PDHRA (DD Form 2900). Medical providers need to have the DoD required Mental Health Assessment (MHA) training in order to complete the DHAs .  More information can be found on the eDHA web site's main page.

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