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I'm A New IA Sailor

So, you've just found out you're going to mobilize, where do you start?

1. How This Site Is Organized

This site is organized to answer that question by walking you through what you need to know at each of the four stages of the IA lifecycle. You can visit each of those pages, starting with Pre-deployment (Active Component or Reserve Component), to get:

  • Checklists
  • Tips & Best Practices
  • Additional Resources

Finally, there is a topical index in alphabetical order if have a particular concern in mind but aren't necessarily thinking about it in terms of the IA timeline.

2. "Welcome Aboard" Package

"Dive in" and get started on checking off IA mobilization requirments now.

3. What You Need to Know Now

What you really need to know right now, especially if this is your first IA:

The above information is provided to give you a sense of the IA process. Each individual set of orders will vary, but the process is usually similar for most IAs.

4. What's the Rest of the Big Picture?