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Deployment for the Parent Command

During the Boots on Ground (BOG) phase the IA Sailor performs their designated mission at the ordered ultimate duty station. IA Sailors assigned to the CENTCOM and AFRICOM AOR travel via military airlift to their designated Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Integration (RSO&I) site to begin the BOG phase. Once integrated, IA Sailors are fully functioning members of the mission and take orders directly from their local Chain of Command.

  • The BOG phase begins with departure from the final I-Stop for the RSO&I site.
  • The purpose of the BOG phase is to perform the mission designated by the Combatant Commander.
  • The BOG phase ends when the IA Sailor departs theater for their first returning I-Stop (typically the Warrior Transition Program (WTP) or ECRC). 

During this phase, the Parent Command / NOSC CIAC is the primary point of contact for the IA Sailor and especially his or her family for any personal issues or emergencies that arise. It is therefore imperative (and required) that CIACs maintain lines of communication with IA Sailors and their families and that they are familiar with the resources that can be brought to bear on any number of problems.

During Deployment

  • Ensure the CIAC maintains and documents contact with IA Sailors and their families in NFAAS.
  • Ensure the CIAC is familiar with resources for IA Sailors and their families during the Train & Equip and BOG phases of the deployment.

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