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Web Risk Assessment is tasked with conducting website vulnerability scans of unclassified Navy websites designed, developed, procured, or managed by the Navy Activities (or contractors on behalf of those activities) at least annually (Annual Scans).  In addition to the annual requirements, WRA performs scans as requested by system owners (Owner Requested Scans) in order to complete the Authorization to Operate (ATO) process required by Operational Designated Accrediting Authority (ODAA).
NWRAC Self-Assessment Checklists
Site owners are required to perform Self- Assessments annually.  Download the Self-Assessment Checklist in Word Format ​
Navy Public Website Registration​
Site owners are required to register all public facing websites to the DoD DMZ Whitelist database IAW  TASKORD 15-027 
If there are any questions how to register the site, please contact Ms. Kellee Meadows
WRA Mission Supporting Documentation

Contact the NWRAC
Commercial: 1-757-417-4158 ext 0
DSN 537-4158 ext 0