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US Fleet Forces Command > NETWARCOM > Command Seal

Command Seal

  NETWARCOM Command Seal 

The command seal signifies key contributions to the Fleet.

In the command title, "Naval Network" signifies the support and capability the command provides to Navy’s leadership goals for there to be one logical network support source for all Navy communications, command and control, and knowledge sharing; "Warfare" was included in the command name to convey the operational role of the Navy’s networks. 

The elements of the command shield signify the following:

1. The National Ensign signifies the contributions the command and its subordinates make daily in supporting the security of the United States. This was included in the shield following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

2. The globe represents NETWARCOM’s capabilities throughout the world to include having personnel deployed and stationed overseas. The globe is centered on North America to represent Homeland Defense of the United States.

3. The satellite in a field of stars represents NETWARCOM's operational role in providing space capabilities to the warfighter.

4. The field of binary 1s and 0s represents both the digital information and the Naval Network that is pervasive throughout the force.

5. The aircraft carrier at the forefront of the shield represents the Fleet being at the forefront of NETWARCOM's mission.

6. The CTF 1010 represents NETWARCOM’s Task Force responsibilities as assigned by Commander TENTH Fleet.