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Welcome aboard NIOC Georgia!

Welcome aboard the NIOC Georgia team! This will be an exceptionally rewarding tour of duty and you have much to look forward to! Fully supporting the Global War on Terrorism, we are operating in an exciting and challenging Naval, multi-service, and multi-national environment. We provide critical support to deployed naval, air, and ground forces operating in the European and Central Command Areas of Responsibility. We are continuously focused on real time operations in support of Naval, Joint, and other Forward Deployed Commanders engaged in military and combat operations. We are looking forward to adding your skills and talents to our capabilities.

For planning purposes, the Command mailing address is:

FORT GORDON, GA 30905-5810

Daytime or evening Command Duty Officer contact number is 706-840-9366. 24/7/365 Quarterdeck can be reached at 706-791-2613. OOD can be reached at 706-840-9370.  You can contact the Command Sponsor Coordinator at commercial 762-206-9683.

Please be aware that NIOC Georgia does not have a local PSD. We are supported by PSD Charleston, SC which is approximately 2.5 hours from Fort Gordon. It is recommended that you complete as much business as you can at your present PSD to ease your transition into NIOC Georgia.

We are committed to our Sailors, their Families, and our Mission on and off duty. Command and community activities are abundant. I encourage you to take advantage of all this area has to offer during your tour. Once again, welcome aboard! We look forward to meeting and working with you! Travel safe and we will see you soon!

Commanding Officer

If you have orders to the command, and you have not received a welcome aboard package or you have not been contacted by your sponsor, please contact the Command Sponsor Coordinator at 762-206-9683.

If you are arriving at the Augusta Airport and need transportation, or general driving directions, please contact the Command Duty Phone at 706-564-0703 any time of day.
If you are arriving after normal working hours, please call the duty phone number at 706-564-0703.