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Base Communications Control Board (BCCB)

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A. The BCO shall establish a BCCB to ensure efficient and economical use of all base communications services/equipment is maintained within their respective AOR. Further, the BCCB shall ensure management and control processes are implemented and coordinated. The BCCB should consist of the following members:

B. A BCO representative will serve as chairman.

C. The TCO from each customer activity will be served by the BCO for base communications service.

D. Management personnel from each activity or cost center are highly encouraged to participate in the BCCB.


A. The primary purpose of the BCCB is to establish a forum for an exchange of dialogue between the customer representatives and the BCO in the best interest of providing the most efficient and effective service possible within existing resources. The responsibilities of the BCCB contained herein are to serve as guidelines and are not considered mandatory or all-inclusive.

B. The BCCB shall convene on a semiannual (as a minimum) basis to review the base telecommunications services and the usage of those services within each activity.

C. BCCB members provide appropriate assistance to the BCO in implementing defined base communications goals.

D. Ensure administrative controls are established and appropriate actions taken on unauthorized calls placed over commercial toll or DSN circuits.

E. Advise customers of current on-going activity that may impact telecommunications operations on the base.

F. Conduct annual reviews of reports of authorized telephone toll calls prepared by TCO’s and maintained by the BCO to ensure all cost centers are properly complying with requirements to verify and certify toll calls and to ensure calls were as follows:

I. Annotated and verified as official.

II. Approved as operationally necessary.

III. Any suspected unauthorized calls made on an official telephone are reported to the BCO and that proper action has been taken to investigate/recoup costs.

G. Review existing MILCON and special projects.

H. BCCB members will advise BCO of new and planned MILCONs and special projects.


A. Each ashore and afloat command shall appoint a Telecommunications Control officer (TCO) to act as activity agent in all matters relating to telecommunications services procured through the serving Base Communications Office (BCO). Command appointed TCOs will:

B. Ensure command processes are in place and actively enforced to include telephone line/circuit inventory, calling card inventory, cell phone inventory, long distance billing review, and annual requirement certification.

C. Confirm receipt of monthly billing statement from servicing BCO and review/certify internal command usage. Report discrepancies to the servicing BCO within 15 days of billing statement date.

D. Ensure that command indoctrination includes training on member responsibilities for proper use of government provided services (local, long distance, calling card, cellular telephone, etc.).

E. Participate in all Base Communications Control Board (BCCB) meetings.


A. TCOs are to establish internal procedures within their respective organizations to ensure that they are the focal point for coordination with the servicing BCO for all base communications requirements.

B. Member of the BCCB and participates in training offered by the BCO in all matters relating to the base communication system.

C. Validate activity requirements and provide written justification, as appropriate, to the serving BCO for service requests.

D. Coordinate toll call verifications for each billing cycle and prepare certification statements for activity head signature. Ensure that certification statements are provided to the serving BCO for each billing cycle.

E. Maintain activity inventory for base communications equipment and services. Conduct activity cost center audits with the BCO at least annually to ensure that all equipment and services being paid for are actually in use and required.

F. Coordinate with the BCO for all moves, adds, or changes (MACs).

G. Review activity LCOS assignments semiannually to ensure that LCOS assignments match user mission requirements. Coordinate all LCOS changes with the BCO.

H. Coordinate procurement of new services or equipments with the serving BCO.

I. Provide telephone directory updates to the BCO.

J. Validate activity cellular phone requirements and manage internal tracking of cellular phones. Coordinate repair, replacement, or lost of cellular phones.

K. Ensure the BCO is informed as far in advance as possible of any plans for significant changes in the activity base communication requirements (i.e. expansion, remodeling, re-organizations or relocations etc)