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NCTS San Diego Base Communication Office (BCO)

NCTS San Diego BCO is the largest regionalized BCO.

We provide day-to-day management, administration, operations, and maintenance of base telecommunications facilities.

We support over 80,000 customers region wide including COMNAVREGION, COMNAVIARFOR, COMNAVSURFFOR, BUMED, CNET, Boeing, SPAWAR, Coast Guard, and the Secret Service.

Service customer billing and vendor invoice processing for the PAC Northwest and Southwest is accomplished here.

NCTS San Diego BCO provides on-campus and DISA last mile data circuit connectivity and connectivity between individual command phones and commercial phone networks.

We also coordinate the Navy network to provide “Morale Calls” from individual service members at any military installation in the world to home.

Official government telephones are provided for the transmission of official information only. Use of a government non-secure telephone constitutes consent to communications security telephone monitoring in accordance with current regulations. It is the user's responsibility to protect classified or sensitive information being discussed over a telephone line by using secure equipment (STU, STE, etc.)

U.S. Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station San Diego provides telephone services for Navy and Marine installations located throughout the West. These services maybe classified official (Class A), or unofficial (Class B-1 and B-2) depends on subscriber’s mission or usage.