Your Sponsor

Your sponsor is your first link to your new command. Your sponsor will send you a welcome aboard package and provide you with useful information to ensure your transition to life overseas is as smooth as possible.

For your sponsor to serve you effectively, you must provide him/her with accurate information on yourself and your family. In the summer months, it is not uncommon for there to be long waiting lists for temporary accommodations, so send the following to your sponsor as soon as possible:

Leave address and phone number
Dates/times/flight numbers for your arrival
Hotel needs (family size, ages of children, number of beds, cribs, and any special considerations)
Pets you may be bringing

Generally mail takes seven to ten days to reach Naples, so plan accordingly. If you haven't heard back from your sponsor in a reasonable amount of time, contact your new command immediately. If your move occurs before you are able to contact your sponsor or command, do not worry. There will be people at the air terminal ready to help you.

Remember, your sponsors have been through all of this themselves. They are here to help you and make sure your “settling in” process in Naples goes as smoothly as possible. They will be sympathetic to your needs and enthusiastic to help you along the way.

The information contained in these Webpages will help smooth your transition into the Naples community. At some point in your tour, you may be asked to sponsor a new arrival. This information and your experience can certainly go a long way in helping someone else adapt to life in Italy. Remember that the Naples Improvement Initiative (NII) is ongoing and many of the facility locations and policies contained here will change during your stay.