You may now bring your pet to Italy with you on Air Mobility Command (AMC) flights on a space available basis. There is an excess baggage fee and only a limited number of pets may be shipped on each flight. AMC will not ship any pet over 150 pounds. Be sure to inform your personnel department who schedules your flight to Italy that you will be traveling with a pet.

There is a limit of two pets for each family, dogs and cats only, and you must provide the proper travel containers. Check with your travel coordinator if you have more than two pets for the new Space-A pet policy.

If you intend to eventually move into government-leased family housing, please be advised that only up to two pets per family are allowed in government-leased quarters. For more information on the NSA Naples pet policy click on the link below.

Pet Policy

There is no quarantine period in Italy, but you will be required to have a current rabies immunization record on the animal(s). The pet must have had a rabies shot not more than 12 months and not less than 30 days prior to arrival in Italy. No exotic pets are allowed.

In addition, a veterinary health certificate with the following data is required: Personal identification of the owner and a detailed description of the animal attesting to its good health. This certification is good for only 30 days from the date of examination and must be certified by an official veterinary service.

Limited veterinarian service is available from a U.S. Army Veterinarian located at Gricignano (Support Site). However, it is suggested that once settled in Naples, you find a reliable Italian veterinarian near your home. The Army veterinarian in Naples primary mission is inspecting food products and preventing related diseases and is not always available for pet care.

If your pet is old, requires special treatment or long term medication, it is recommended that you NOT bring it to Naples. No special diagnostic facilities are available. If your pet has a special health problem, have your sponsor contact the veterinary service to determine if adequate care will be available.

The Navy Lodge has no boarding kennels for dogs and cats. Coordinate closely with your sponsor if you do have pets.