Passports and Visas

Military personnel may enter Italy on official military orders and a military ID, and for most purposes, the Armed Forces Identification Card will enable travel throughout Italy and other NATO countries. As a rule, non-NATO countries require passports for military personnel. If your new duties in Naples require you to travel on official business to countries requiring an official passport, coordinate with your new command as passport procedures changed in 2002. Tourist passports are obtainable through the American Consulate in Naples. See your command travel representative for current information.

All military dependents and DoD civilians, including children, require passports for entry into Italy. Military dependents are eligible for a “no-fee” passport. No-fee passports must be obtained before leaving the United States. Each military family member, regardless of age, must have a “no-fee” passport. All civilians are also required to obtain a visa prior to entry into Italy. Visas require several weeks to obtain, and you cannot get a visa once you arrive in Italy. For additional information on visa requirements, see the Bureau of Consular Affairs website or check with your local NAVPTO or travel office.

Dependents who are citizens of European Union countries do not require a visa. Visit USIS for additional information regarding Italian visa requirements.

All incoming civilians are required to apply for a sojourner permit within eight days of their arrival in Italy. The Navy Legal Service Office (NLSO) will help you with the application process and pick up your completed permit from the local police. A sojourner permit is a confirmation of your legal resident status in Italy, much like an American "green card." Civilians should always carry their sojourner permit and passport when traveling. While commuting in the local area, it is a good idea to carry a photocopy of your sojourner permit in case you are stopped by police. This rarely happens, but it is good to be prepared. Military members should, of course, always carry their military identification cards with them.

The visa for all civilians, including spouses, civilian component personnel, and dependents, is now for “missione” purposes. Thus, all military spouses, civilian component and dependents must possess a “missione” visa and an official or no-fee passport prior to their entry into Italy. They then must apply for a sojourner permit within eight days after their arrival in Naples.

Military family members, DoD civilians, and their respective family members must request the visa through their travel office or from the nearest Italian consulate prior to their departure from the United States. If you do not have a visa upon arrival in Italy, you cannot obtain a sojourners permit.

Military dependents holding U.S. passports and intending to stay more than 90 days and U.S. government civilian employees must have a visa prior to arrival in Italy. U.S. passport holders that remain less than 90 days do not require a visa. The visa needs to be issued on the official or no-fee passport before leaving the United States.

Family members of military personnel will need to submit a photo copy of the spouse’s certificate of marriage, with the request for a visa for Italy because the names of family members are not shown on the Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders.

Please keep in mind that visa requirements may change, usually with little or no notice. Depending on your nationality, the visa processing time may take as long as 90 days. You should begin the process of applying for your passports and visas as soon as you are in receipt of PCS orders.