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OFFICIAL:  All requests for official telephone service are made through the activity Telephone Control Officer (TCO) or Staff Civil Engineer (SCE). 

UNOFFICIAL:  Telephone service may no longer be provided to unofficial, non-DoD, non-U.S. Federal Government and non-appropriated subscribers from official DoD telephone systems on Guam. This includes private telephone service for DoD personnel living in Government quarters, Government contractors, concessionaires, etc. Unofficial telephone subscribers should contact GTA TELEGUAM for their telephone service requirements. 

QUICK REFERENCE DIALING PLAN:  A downloadable, consolidated, two page document, containing all of the dialing and directory information you'll need to get started using Guam BCO telephones.  

 Quick Reference Dialing Plan  

NOTEIf you're still having problems reaching a dialed destination, call our local Guam Navy BCO Operators by dialing 0 (zero) or 355-1110.  Guam Air Force (Andersen AFB) Operators can be reached at 366-1110.

DEFENSE SWITCHED NETWORK (DSN):  The DSN is the primary long-distance telephone network of the Department of Defense (DoD) and is directed by the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff as the first choice when DoD activities require long-distance telephone service for officially approved business. Other means of long-distance may be used only when DSN is not available, can not be used in an expedient manner to accomplish the business or when the calling or called parties do not have access to DSN. See additional information in DSN section of the directory. 

When the DSN can not be used, the NETWORX system should be used for all official business of the DoD. Use of the NETWORX system by the DoD is mandated by Public Law 101-136 Section 621.

The NETWORX system is an official U.S. Government long-distance telephone system which provides service to the 50 states, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Like DSN, use of the NETWORX system is restricted to official business. Access to the NETWORX is controlled by authorization code and calls are billed by the minute. NETWORX rates are approximately 50% lower than commercial long-distance. 

NETWORX SERVICE/AUTHORIZATION CODE:  NETWORX calls may be placed from any official Navy telephone by dialing 98 and the desired commercial country code, area code, telephone number and upon request, keying in the NETWORX authorization code.  Submit a Communications Service Request (CSR) through your supporting Telephone Control Officer (TCO) or Staff Civil Engineer (SCE) for your NETWORX authorization code.  Charges will be billed to the account number provided, not the number from which the call is placed from. 

COMMERCIAL LONG-DISTANCE: Commercial official long-distance calls may be placed via IT&E only when the call can not be placed via DSN or NETWORX. Submit a Communications Service Request (CSR) through your Telephone Control Officer (TCO) or supporting Staff Civil Engineer (SCE) for your IT&E account number.