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ONE-NET is a Navy-wide initiative to install a common and secure IT infrastructure to OCONUS Navy locations. It is based on the Navy-Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) architecture and is designed to be interoperable with IT-21, NMCI, and the Global Information Grid in the near future.

ONE-NET incorporates a new network infrastructure, including servers and transmission lines with existing and new workstations to provide integrated information technology to the fleet. With ONE-NET, users will have standardized hardware and software, a centralized help desk, access to an OCONUS e-mail directory, increased information security, a standard e-mail address, and increased

SIPRNET availability and remote access.

To achieve information superiority over an adversary, the IT-21 Warfighter must be able to collect, process and disseminate an uninterrupted flow of information. DoD and the Navy are deploying a global infosphere to achieve that superiority anywhere, anytime and in the performance of any mission.


ONE-NET consolidates enterprise management, which will in turn allow for streamlined resources to support the network

ONE-NET is an integrated network that consists of a standard configuration and consistent applications in a secure environment for classified and unclassified IT processes

ONE-NET is government owned and government operated (GOGO), with a possible shift to seat management in the future

Many IT services will be centralized at ITSC-FE in Yokosuka with supporting field service staff at Information Technology Operations Centers (ITOCs). All U.S. Navy ashore installations outside the United States will be affected by this new technical infrastructure.

For all One-Net forms and documents, including RFC's, SAAR-N forms and APL's, please contact the NCTS Guam LNSC staff.