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 N5/N9 Organization And Functions

Base level communications includes all facilities and services required to support electromagnetic dissemination, transmission or reception of voice, data, video, integrated telecommunications within the confines of a post, camp, station, base, installation, headquarters, or metropolitan area to include local interconnect trunks to the first serving commercial central office or military long-haul or tactical gateway.


  The NCTS Guam Base Level Communications Department:

- Provides base level communications services to include administrative telephones, Defense switched  Network (DSN) and Defense Informations Systems Network (DISN) connectivity supporting vital command, control, computer, communications and intelligence (C4I) missions of fleet and authorized DoD ashore subscribers at all Navy activities on Guam.

- Designs, installs, manages, administers, operates, maintains and repairs facilities, equipment, and systems which comprise the Guam Area Base Level Information Infrastructure (BLII) to include administrative telephone and DSN switches, a Guam-area Wide Area Network (WAN), the Guam Intra-Island fiber optic backbone and cable distribution at all Navy facilities within the Guam area.

- Operates the Guam intra-island base level Network Management Center (NMC).

- Functions as the node-site coordinator for the Guam Navy Defense Information System Network (DISN), Integrated Digital Network Exchange (IDNX), Unclassified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNET), and Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNET).

- Serves as Base Level Communications Area Coordinator for area of responsibility (AOR) which includes Guam, Singapore and Diego Garcia.

 N5/N9 Organizational Codes

- N51 - Plans and Project Management

- N91 - Resource Management

- N92 - Base Level Information Infrastructure (BLII)

- N93 - Defense Information Systems Network (DISN)


  N51 - Plans and Project Management

  - Develops the Guam Navy BLII modernization plan to ensure that the system is maintained and evolves to meet the official needs of the Navy and other authorized BLII customers. 

- Provides technical and engineering advice and guidance concerning base level communications services.

- Designs services such as copper and fiber optic cable installation and construction, single-line installations, key telephone systems, automatic call distribution (ACD), voice mail, and other customer requested projects.

- Manages project funding, preparation, procurement, implementation and acceptance for customer and BLII upgrade projects and programs.

- Maintains plant-in-place, circuit and system drawings and engineering records for all Base Communications services, systems, facilities, and installations.

- Develops, implements and manages the Base Level Communications Quality Assurance Program (QAP).

- Coordinates with the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Naval Network Warfare Command (NNWC), U.S. Air Force, General Services Administration (GSA), and other U.S. Government and commercial entities to resolve communications operations, interface and service problems and issues.


  N91 - Resource Management 

- Process requests for base level communications services. Initiates and monitors service installations, provides status to customers as required.

- Operates a telephone and base level communications trouble desk, receiving trouble reports, dispatching maintenance personnel and providing customer status.

- Monitors service inventories, conducts annual review and revalidations to ensure installed services are required and that services that are no longer required are disconnected.

- Prepares and distributes monthly billing statements. Coordinates with customers to resolve billing problems.

- Operates the Guam DoD switchboard providing directory assistance, local administrative and DSN operator services.

- Compiles and publishes the Guam DoD telephone directory (on-line version).


  N92 - Base Level Information Infrastructure (BLII)

- Installs, maintains and repairs telephones, key telephone systems, inside communications cable, modems, jacks, and other telephone and base level communications equipment.

- Installs, maintains and repairs copper, fiber optic, coaxial and other types of cable plant which are integral to the BLII or in response to customer service requests.

- Provides excavation clearances applicable only to Navy owned buried Base Communications cables and facilities.


  N93 - Defense Information Systems Network (DISN)

- Administers, operates and maintains the Defense Switched Network (DSN), Finegayan Guam Multi-Function Switch (MFS), and DSN Remote Switching Units (RSU's) at NAVACTS, NAVHOSP, COMNAVMAR and Naval Radio Station Barrigada.

- Performs area surveillance for all DSN sites on Guam.

- Operates the Guam DSN patch and test facility.

- Operates and maintains the Navy Guam-wide fiber optic backbone system, Guam area Navy WAN, and PCM transmission systems between Navy activities and Andersen AFB.

- Node site coordinator for the Defense Information Systems Network (DISN), Guam Unclassified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNET), and Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNET), nodes sites.

- Operates the BLII Network Management Center (NMC). Monitors and controls all intra-island base communications networks.

- Installs inside plant components of dedicated point-to-point analog and digital circuits, performs QA and acceptance testing, responds to problems and makes repairs as required.

- Performs quality control testing for new DSN, DISN, NIPRNET, and SIPRNET circuit activations and on a scheduled basis in accordance with DISA instructions and procedures.



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