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Organization and Functions - How are we organized internally to provide service, what are the functions of our individual organizational components.

Telephone Services - A description of the major services available from NCTS Guam's Base Communications Office.


Emergency Numbers - Quick reference to Emergency and other important local Navy, Air Force, and Civilian phone numbers.


Phone Instruments - Take a look at some of the various telephone instruments available from your Guam Navy BCO.  Features and pricing are provided along with pictures of the more popular models.


Callegra Voicemail Messaging - Quick reference to Callegra Voice Mail keypad information for

configuring your Callegra Mailbox and Message options.


Time Zone Conversion Tables - Convert local times to Zulu or other time zones.  Both Standard Time and Daylight Savings tables available. 




  • Provide voice, data and video base level communications services to DoD and other official users at all DoD facilities on Guam.

  • Provide the final link between DISN/Commercial/Tactical gateways and DoD users on Guam.
    Administer, operate and maintain the Guam DoD Base Level Information Infrastructure (BLII).

  • Support critical Pacific DISN infrastructure, including DISN Core, DSN, NIPRNET, SIPRNET, and IDNX/PROMINA nodal switches.



What is Base Level Communications and Base Level Information Infrastructure (BLII)?

Base level communications includes all of those facilities, equipment and services used to support the electromagnetic dissemination, transmission, or reception of information via voice, data, video, integrated telecommunications, wire or radio within the confines of a post, camp, station, base, headquarters, or Federal building. 

This includes local interconnect trunks to the first serving commercial office providing service to the local community and to other DOD facilities in the area. Per DOD Instruction 4640.14, BLII is the aggregate of the physical plant, equipment and facilities that are required to support base level communications at a specific location.



Download Our Communications Service Request Form


-- CSR Adobe PDF Format



-- Quick Reference Dialing Plan 

A downloadable, consolidated, two page document, containing all of the dialing and directory information you'll need to get started using Guam BCO telephones. 


NOTE:  If you are still having problems reaching a dialed destination, please call our local Guam Navy BCO Operators by dialing 0 (zero) or 355-1110.  Guam Air Force (Andersen, AFB) Operators can be reached at 366-1110.