Hafa Adai, Team NCTS!
Thank you for everyone's efforts to support a safe operational work-place during this very challenging time.  Your health and wellness are essential to keeping our workplace operations productive, efficient, most importantly,
It is that time of year again-- the 2020 DEOMI Organizational Climate Survey (DEOCS) for NCTS will be launched today, Monday, 4 May at 1400 and will remain open until 1400 on 13 May.
It is important to me that you be allowed the opportunity to relay concerns that impact your work environment and the organizational mission.  This survey provides you a forum to give me feedback on how we are doing, as well as aid me in understanding what is important to you, what concerns you have, if any, about the work environment; as we work to improve overall command conditions.   
Some demographic information is requested and used to ensure we have a proper representation of participants.  As you complete the DEOCS, please answer all questions honestly, whether your answer is positive or negative.
Moreover, it also invites your written comments throughout the survey; I hope you use that section to enlighten me about your work experiences further.  Let me assure you that your responses will be completely anonymous and will not be used to identify you or an individual. 
I plan to share the results with transparency and with the spirit of inclusive to ensure you are part of the process as we all learn from your inclusive to ensure you are part of the process as we all learn from your constructive feedback, utilizing this information to pave the way for
building much stronger unit cohesion. 
Your CMEO representatives, Chief Gilbert and Chief Aterrado will provide individual emails with the web site information and password for the online survey. If you do not receive an email with your login information, please contact Chief Gilbert at 671-355-8383.
Thank you in advance for your participation.  Continue to excel and do great things.   
In closing, Life is a Team Sport; Thank you for staying in the Game!
CDR Fred Crawford
Commanding Officer
DSN: 315-355-5311
COM: 671-355-5311
Mobile: 671-355-5311
"Adapt to Reality, Respond with Urgency, Produce Results."
The survey I am asking you to complete gives you the opportunity to provide opinions on where I should focus my efforts to improve the human relations climate of our organization. No attempt will be made to identify you, so please respond openly and frankly.
This voluntary survey is designed to assess the "shared perceptions" of respondents about formal or informal policies and practices. Your input is valuable because it gives me insight into the general climate of our organization.
The survey will ask you to provide demographic information such as your rank, race, and sex. This information is used to ensure we have a proper representation of participants. The report I receive will not identify you, no matter how unique you are. Your responses are combined with those like you (e.g. Women, Enlisted, Junior Civilian, etc...). Additional information on the survey anonymity features are available at the survey login page.
You will need internet access to complete the survey and an ACCESS CODE is required to gain access. This case-sensitive code was randomly generated, and is not associated with your name or any other personally identifying source.
The survey can be found at URL: https://www.deocs.net/user4.1/login/login.cfm
         Survey Start Date:  04-May-2020
         Survey Start Time: 1400
         Survey Estimate End Date:  13-May-2020
         Survey End Time: 1400
         Survey Access Code: Call for Code
I appreciate your assistance, and assure you that the time you devote to the survey will not be wasted. I look forward to sharing the results of the assessment with all members of our organization in the near future.
If you have questions concerning the assessment or the survey, my point of contact is: ITC Gilbert, 355-8383 and ITC Aterrado 797-0936.