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Welcome Aboard! Congratulations on your orders to NAVCOMTELSTA FAR EAST DET

MISAWA! Misawa is located in Aomori prefecture in the Tohoku Region of the

northern part of Honshu. We hope that your trip goes smoothly and look

forward to working with you during your time here!


Please keep your sponsor up to date with your travel plans. When you arrive

here in Misawa, your sponsor or a representative will be there to greet you (and your

family if applicable). If they are unable to do so, you can report to the

Charles O. Prindle Tactical Support Facility (Building 978) located on Misawa

Air Force Base. You can also call our Site Duty Officer at (090) 1104-4651 or

our Sponsorship Coordinator at DSN (315) 226-4523 or COMM (011-81) 176-77-4523.


Maintaining contact with your sponsor is crucial to a successful arrival and

check-in! If your sponsor is not replying to your attempts to communicate or

is not adequately answering your questions, please let the detachment's Senior

Enlisted Leader know. 

They can be reached at DSN (315) 226-2201 or COMM (011-81) 176-77-2201.Welcome