Department Head

Description:  Manages all Navy personnel within the NCTAMS PAC Det Puget Sound, Whidbey Island department.  Responsible for secure communications assets and systems for Wing-10 missions for the Pacific Northwest.

Paygrade = O - 3


Department Leading Chief Petty Officer

 Description:  Leads and manages 24 navy personnel in three different ratings and maintaining communications equipment in support of Wing-10 operations.

Paygrade = E - 7 , E - 8


Maintainance Chief Petty Officer

Description:  Manages 23 Sailors, all maintainance, and maintainance qualified personnel in support of Wing-10 operations within the Pacific Northwest AOR.

Paygrade = E - 7


Department Leading Petty Officer

Description:  LPO is responsible for the day-to-day operations of all personnel within the department.  Manages operation and maintainance of communication equipment to provide Wing-10 aircraft reliable secure communications. Responsible for 22 Sailors.

Paygrade = E - 6


Communications Leading Petty Officer

Description:  Ensure the continuity of the 22 Navy watch standing personnel.  Leads the operation and training of communication information, COMSEC support procedures, and maintainance requirements.

Paygrade = E - 6

Rate = IT


Maintainance Leading Petty Officer

Description:  Leads all maintainance qualified personnel in all matters related to antenna maintainance and precautionary maintainance.

Paygrade = E - 6

Rate = ET


Supply Petty Officer

Description:  Responsible for managing OPTAR budgets, procurement, tracking, inventory and material support. 

Paygrade = E - 5 , E - 6

Rate = LS


Administrative Petty Officer

Description:  Manages all matters pertaining to administrative functions for 25 Navy Sailors.

Paygrade = E - 5 , E - 6


Watch Section Leader

Description:  Supervises four Sailors on all matters pertaining to COMSEC policies and practices, secure communications, maintainance, and training. Provide 24-hour manning to the NCTAMS PAC Det Puget Sound, Whidbey Island watch floor.

Paygrade = E - 5    (E - 4 and below if qualified)

Rate = IT


Watch Section Operator

Description:  Man a 24-hour watchflloor while maintaining multiple complex communications circuits, executing 100% accurate COMSEC policies and pracitices, and performing routine equipment maintainance.

Paygrade = E - 5 and below

Rate = IT


Maintainance Personnel

Description:  Responsible for preventative and corrective maintainance for communication equipment to include transmitters, receivers, antennas and ancillary equipment.

Paygrade = E - 6 and below

Rate = ET


NCTAMS PAC Det Puget Sound, Whidbey Island