Officer in Charge

Description:  Officer in charge of the NCTAMS PAC Det Puget Sound. Is primarily responsible for all personnel, military and civilian, and all operations within the NCTAMS PAC Det Puget Sound area of operations.  Reports directly to the NCTAMS PAC Commanding Officer located in Hawaii.  Coordinates with several external units to meet and exceed the demand for reliable secure communications in the Pacific Northwest.

Paygrade: O -4

System Administrators

Description:  Responsible for the effective provisioning, installation/ configuration, operation, and maintenance of systems hardware, software, and related infrastructure.  Participates in technical research and development on related networks and maintain network security posture in accordance with all directives, alerts, and bulletins.

Paygrade:  E - 7, E - 8, GS - 11, GS - 12, Government Contractor

Information Assurance Mangers

Description:  Review and analyze existing C & A packages for completeness and compliance.  Participate in interviews as part of the risk assessment, system categorization and security test and evaluation processes. 

Paygrade:  E - 7, E - 8, GS - 12

Electronic Key Management System Custodian

Description:  Serves as the manager of all CMS functions and primary point of contact all policies and procedures pertaining to the CMS infrastructure.  Duties include equipment and key management, inventory and primary issuer of CMS.

Paygrade: E - 6 and above or Government Civilian or Contractor Equivalent

Alternate Electronic Key Management System Custodian

Description:  Assistant EKMS Custodian serves as the assistant fuctional proponent for the CMS infrastructure.  Provides day-to-day operation of the EKMS, as well as other duty areas related to INFOSEC and PKI.

Paygrade:  E - 5 thru E - 6

Rate: IT

Network Security Vulnerability Technicians

Description:  Manages all aspects of the U.S. Navy information systems data availablity, integrity authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation.  Duties include assisting in the development and execution of security policies, plans, and procedures of data network security measures.

Paygrade: E - 1 thru E - 6

Electronics Techinian

Description:  Responsible for electronic equipment used to send and receive messages.  They must maintain, repair, calibrate, tune and adjust all electronic equipment used for long distance communications. 

Paygrade:  E - 1 thru E - 6

Rate:  ET

Logistics Specialist

Description:  Manages inventories of repair parts/general supplies, handle acquisitions, and manange budgetary concerns for Headquarters as well as NW Region Base Communications Offices.  Also procures, receives, store and issue material and repair components supporting electronic maintenance and repair.

Paygrade:  E - 1 thru E - 6

Rate:  LS