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What is an OMBUDSMAN?

The Navy Family Ombudsman Program is designed to provide better and faster communications between Navy families and Navy officials. Navy commanders and all deploying units, including reserves, have an Ombudsman; who is a spouse of one of the command's active duty members.

As official representatives to the NCTS Bahrain families, the Ombudsman is primarily a liaison between the Commanding Officer and the families, passing along information so that families are always informed.

In addition, an Ombudsman can give you information on services, upcoming events or help with a crisis in the event you are unable to resolve the crisis within your own capabilities or resources. The Ombudsman program may include confidential information. This is defined by the CO as sensitive information about a service member or his/her family that is kept within the system for official use only and is relayed only on a need-to-know basis. You can put your trust in your Ombudsman!

An Ombudsman reaches out to individual families with friendship, information, problem solving and a helping hand. Although your Ombudsman may sometimes act as an advocate, they do not get involved in chain-of-command matters. Use your Ombudsman as a person who can quickly direct you to the right people to provide help for your specific concern.

How can I contact the command OMBUDSMAN?
The command OMBUDSMAN can be reached via email:   


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