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Aloha, and welcome to NCTAMS PAC. My name is Michelle Woolworth, your Ombudsman.

Navy Family OMBUDSMAN are a group of extremely dedicated volunteers who are trained to assist Navy families to successfully navigate the challenges of the Navy lifestyle. I am a liaison between families and the Command. I can help facilitate a smooth transition for Sailors and their families during PCS moves. I provide support during crisis. I also provide families with the information and resources they need while living on Oahu.

I have resources that I want to share to assist you and your families. We can help with information about child care, the IA program, IA support groups, counseling and/or chaplains services, financial planning, Space A flights, and Red Cross just to name a few. I can also be a sympathetic ear. If you have a question I can't answer, I will do everything in my ability to get an answer.

Above all else, I adhere to a strict privacy policy. All of your information and anything that you talk to me about will be kept strictly confidential. I have a few things that either by law or per CO's instruction that have to be reported. Those things are all suspected child abuse and/or neglect, alleged domestic violence, suspected or potential homicide, violent and/or life threatening situations, all suspected or potential suicide risks and anything else we are directed to per the CO's orders.

I know that transitioning to the islands can be very hard. I really want families to know that they are not alone here. There multiple support groups as well as spouses group around the island to get involved in. Please don’t hesitate to ask about such groups. If you have any questions, comments or just want to talk, please feel free to contact me.

Your NCTAMS PAC Ombudsman
Michelle Woolworth

Official Phone Number: (808)203-0356
Official Email Address:




American Red Cross

Naval Services Family Line

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

Navy Fleet and Family Support Center