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Welcome Aboard

Welcome and Congratulations on Your 

Your sponsor is your first link to your new command.  Your sponsor will send you a welcome aboard package and provide you with useful information to ensure your transition to life at NCTAMS LANT is as smooth as possible.

For your sponsor to serve you effectively, you must provide him/her with accurate information on you and your family, so send your name, email address, rate and present duty section to your sponsor as soon as possible.

Please send an email to code Sponsor Coordinator
                                                         ("Please read our Privacy Policy notice")

If you haven't heard back from your sponsor in a reasonable amount of time, please contact:

Command Sponsor Coordinator at 757-443-9083 or DSN 646-9083
NCTAMS LANT Quarterdeck which is manned on a 24-hour basis at 757-443-9157 or DSN 646-9157

Remember your sponsor has been through all of this themselves.  They are here to help you and make sure your "settling in" process goes as smoothly as possible.  They will be sympathetic to your needs and enthusiastic to help you along the way.


Again, welcome aboard and do keep us abreast of your travel itinerary so we may be available to assist you upon your arrival if necessary.  Have a safe and enjoyable trip.  


"We will not obtain personally identifying information about you when you visit our site unless you choose to provide such information to us.  If you choose to send email to the site webmaster or submit an online feedback form, any contact information that you provide will be solely used to respond to your request and not stored."