Regional Plans and Requirements Department (N5/N8)

Mission:  The Regional Plans and Projects Department (Code N5/N8), is responsible for project planning and implementation, program support, identification of requirements and associated resources, contractual support for required products and services, and restructuring of equipment, systems, facilities, and sites to support the operational missions assigned to NCTAMS LANT and its regional communications stations.
                                               N5/N8      Department Head                                     757-443-9070  DSN  646 
                                               N51/N81  Base Level Communications Planning     757-443-9073  DSN  646 
                                               N52/N82  C4 Shore Infrastructure Planning             757-443-9063  DSN  646 
                                               N53/N83  Networks and Installations Planning        757-443-9071  DSN  646
                                               N5/N8      MILCON Project Planning Support          757-443-9385  DSN  646