OSCAR Logo  


Traditionally, every Navy activity adopts a command emblem for quick visual recognition.  Possibly the most widely recognized and endearing emblem is NCTAMS LANT's "OSCAR."  Oscar the Octopus depicts the dynamic environment of a Navy communicator.

In 1947, at the request of Commander W. A. Swanston, USN, the Fifth Naval District Communication Officer, Walt Disney's artists conveived the design.  Oscar was adopted as command emblem for our predecessor activity, the U.S. Navy Communication Station Norfolk, upon its establishment on 7 November 1950.

This insignia is intended to humorously convey the normal plight of a Navy communicator.  When it was designed during the World War II era, Oscar's equipment was "state-of-the-art," allowing a proficient Morse Code operator to send 35 words per minute.  while our communications technology and equipment have drastically changed, Oscar's expression still conveys NCTAMS LANT's philosophy of going the extra mile to provide our customers with the latest and best communications technology and services.  NCTAMS LANT personnel have come to feel a special attachment to Oscar over the years and display the emblem proudly.

The original 2' by 3' Disney artwork is displayed in NCTAMS LANT's quarterdeck area, and replicated throughout the world by our present and former Navy communicators.