Facilities and Command Safety Department (N4)

The Facilities Department manages and oversees Class I and II Plant Property, facility structures, critical and emergency power equipment, HVAC systems, requirements and training for Safety Programs, Occupational Safety and Health, and Environmental Programs.  They manage NCTAMS LANT building energy conservation and provide CONUS and OCONUS sites with project management for equipment maintenance, repair, replacement, and facilities structure renovation and replacement.  Furthermore, they also maintain the NCTAMS LANT Command Vehicle Pool for official Government business. 
         Duty Engineer Officer of the Watch (EOOW)                    Commercial Number:  (757) 443-9180    DSN 646 -9180
         Facilities Service/Work Requests                                      Commercial Number:  (757) 443-9193    DSN:  646-9193
         Department Admin Assistant                                             Commercial Number:  (757) 443-9933    DSN 646-9933