Electronics Maintenance Department (N6)
Mission:  Executes comprehensive 3M/2MCalibration programs and performs electronic/electrical preventive, corrective, and diagnostic maintenance actions to ensure all NCTAMS LANT communication systems operate at the highest state of operational readiness; provides proactive technical guidance and advice to LANT regional sites. 
                                      Electronics Maintenance Officer                             757-443-9240                    DSN 646
                                      Deputy EMO / 3M Coordinator                               757-443-9241                    DSN 646
                                      CMS A&A Division Officer                                      757-443-9220                    DSN 646
                                      Trouble Desk                                                          757-443-9218/9219           DSN 646
                                      Calibration Lab                                                       757-443-9262/9263/9264  DSN  646