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Drug Education For Youth


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 What is DEFY?

Drug Education For Youth (DEFY) is a scientifically based program developed by the Drug Demand Reduction Task Force (DDRTF).  It is either a five-day residential program or an eight-day non-residential program for youths 9 to 12 years of age. 

Phase 1 is a challenging and fun-filled week in the summer.  During Phase 1 DEFY youths participate in classroom learning that covers:

Goal Setting
Leadership and Teamwork
Relationships/Conflict Management
Substance Abuse Prevention
Gang Awareness/Deglamorization

Phase II is a year of mentoring designed to support the training and education received in Phase 1.  During regularly scheduled activities, mentors and staff provide tutoring and positive reinforcement through group or cluster mentoring and interactive workshops.

Most of the participants gain a great deal from the workshops and have a great time learning.  It is sponsored by the local command and is restricted to youths from military families.  It provides education, skills building, and positive experiences so that the participants can choose healthy alternatives instead of substance abuse and gang involvement.  DEFY focuses on building self-image, interpersonal relations, goal setting leadership, and team building skills.  It develops physical fitness, awareness of the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol, awareness of the dangerous effects of peer pressure to join gangs, and encourages membership in positive youth organizations.

For additional information or to obtain applications contact the 
DEFY Coordinators
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